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Monday, July 25, 2005

All Things Possible!!

You ever wonder what All Things Possible means? The literal answer is in the FAQ section of this website, but I am in the process of putting together a show idea with the same title that deals with possibility in its many forms. At the heart of this show are 3 questions posed to everyone.

1. How do YOU define success in a way that you know when you have achieved it?

2. What is the Recipe (character ingredients) and the Ritual (repetitive action) that you have used to achieve the life you are enjoying now?

3. Why do you continue to put the effort forth - what drives you to feel passionately about your dreams and continue to give 100%?

Everybody's answers will be different. What are yours?



  • At 9:06 AM, July 26, 2005 , Blogger Casey Duncanson said...

    Hi Chris,

    So great to see all of the changes to your site. Things look fabulous! Congratulations!!!

    When I think about "All Things Possible," I think of two things:

    One, that you have done everything that you have ever set your mind to. You have always had the personal drive to accomplish anything you wanted in life. You have a career that most people only dream of. You succeeded in high school, and have succeeded as an adult, too. Don't take your eyes off of your dreams, Chris, and I know you will continue to succeed in whatever your heart desires.

    Two, that with God in our lives, all things are possible. I have found that to be true in my life. I trust that in God's timing, my health will be restored, and I can enjoy a long, healthy, and happy life.

    Thanks for allowing me this opportunity to share. You are a truly wonderful person, and I admire your continuous positive outlook on life. It is an inspiration to everyone that is blessed to be around you.

  • At 11:40 AM, July 26, 2005 , Anonymous Nisha said...

    Happy Tuesday Chris,

    I love your show idea. It will be intesting to hear the variety of approaches to success. I wonder which similarities will show through.

    I difine success as setting a goal and accomplishing it.

    I think the RECIPE is believing you can accomplish a given task. Having faith in yourself is the first step to success.

    I think the RITUAL is getting off your butt and going for it. If you try and don't succeed, try, try again. I believe you can think outside the box and approach a challenge from many different angles until you achieve your goal. If you don't take the first step, and never try you have already failed.

    Once you've tasted success it becomes addictive. It makes you feel good. I am driven to continually reach that endorphin rush. I gain self pride with each success and knowledge with each failure. I also believe that sharing a dream with someone can make you more passionate about your goals. The experience is more rewarding when you have someone there to witness your success. As well as feeling twice the joy from putting forth the united effort.

    Big Smiles, Nisha

  • At 3:44 PM, July 26, 2005 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    Thanks Casey and Nisha!!!

    Casey and I went to the same high school in Michigan. Since then she has been very successful as a mom and a wife and very active in their church. Aside from her many accomplishments, she is, as you may have noticed, a wonderfully supportive person too. Thanks Casey!

    Nisha! I loved your response!

    So your WHAT is meeting a goal
    Your HOW is Faith, Proatictivity, and Creativity.
    And your WHY is the rush of success and the lessons of the failures. (***and if you gain knowledge from the failuire, is it really failing any more??)

    And my favorite, sharing the journey. Life is just richer when you can share the experience with someone on the same page! That's why I'm so excited that you have all taken a chance to share your thoughts and experiences here. We're on this journey together.

    Very insightful. Thank you SO MUCH!!

    Anyone else?

  • At 9:46 AM, July 27, 2005 , Anonymous Jaschenka said...

    Succes for me is not in the title 'big boss' on the busines card. It is not in the size of the fancy car and it is certainly not in the numbers on the paycheck.

    Succes for me is the smile of the bride-to-be as she tries on her wedding gown for the first time that I made her. It is one of my dogs jumping into my neck for a spontanious cuddle after a training session -no matter how lousy training went. It is the email with the word 'WOW' in it twice after sending someone a piece of fan art.
    Going over my definition of succes I find that it relates to the response of the people around me. But I also must say I am my own worst critic: if I don't think I did well..than I don't consider it a succes. In this matter I do not believe there is such a thing as perfection to be achieved. What would the challenge be once you've achieved it?

    The recipe to achieve succes is my selfrespect and the trust that I have in my knowledge to accomplish the task at hand.
    It hasn't always been this way. There was a time when someone could tell me I did a bad job and I believed it, no questions asked. Now, I know to trust my instincts. Although I am still fooled by my own feelings and I end up being hurt, it si nothing I can't overcome and I do believe it will make me stronger in the end.

    The rituals I follow are many, but the main one is to stay true to myself and to give it my best. My parenst never cared about my long as they knew I did my best. Nowadays I don't settle for less. If I can't give it 100%, no matter the reason, I don't do it at all.

    Why I keep doing the things I do is simple. I have no choice. If I'd stop doing the things I do, I would neglect myself and what I am. If I can make people happy with what I'm doing along the way then my succes is even bigger.

    Life definetely is a journey and we travel by many different paths, each step we take intended to teach us.
    There is not a day that goes by that I didn't learn..the day I stop learning will be the day I die..


  • At 1:07 PM, July 27, 2005 , Anonymous Ute said...

    Hey Chris,
    quite a challenging question. Especially for me, as I never had a concious goal in my life and don't consider myself ambitious. Strangely enough, a lot of good things happend to me in my life - and continue to do so - and I have come to realise that this is because of the way I am and the way I do things. So question no. 2 was actually the easiest for me to answer!

    It really sounds like a great project, please keep us updated!

    So, here are my answers for you:

    1. Success for me is being happy with what you achieve, even when it might not be what you envisioned when you set out to do whatever it is you wanted to do. Getting the response you hoped for when you bought what you thought to be a perfect gift for a good friend or loved one. Making those around you feel better. The great feeling you get when you were able to help someone. And probably a few things more of that sort that I just didn't think of right now.
    2. The ingredients of my recipe (in no particular order)are:
    - do the best you can in everything you do
    - be open minded
    - let yourself be inspired by others
    - show interest in the interests of your friends, you can discover a lot of great things you may never have heard of before
    - try new things
    - learn from your mistakes
    - believe in yourself
    - don't be afraid to take on new challenges
    - be friendly and helpful
    - have a positive attitude
    - make the best of things
    - don't take things too seriously and have fun
    - be persistent and determined
    - don't let yourself be discouraged and give up, even when you start to doubt it will work - if you just hang in there you will often surprise yourself
    - never stop learning
    With this, I found for me, almost all things are indeed possible! :)
    3. I think it is human nature that we just keep pursuing things that make us feel good. For me, I don't really have to think about continuing to do these things, it is as natural and necessary as breathing. I think I would start to feel really bad if I had to stop doing all the things I do all of a sudden.

    (Good thing this blogger thing does not have a space limit!!! )

    P.S. I love the "Confined Water" video clip - great sense of humour there!
    P.P.S. Great answers from everyone else and hey, Jaschenka!

    All the best,

  • At 3:36 AM, July 28, 2005 , Anonymous Kathy said...

    For me success began with a vision,a dream - which lead to a self illuminating discovery revealing my own intuitive grasp of what i could accomplish.
    Success is achieved when you are thrown outside your comfort zone and just give it a shot. Even a failed attempt is a success because the lesson is to try even if it means to fail - rather than not push your own limitations of what you can achieve.

    The belief in my self and my own expectaion to follow through are my character ingredients.The ritual is self education and learning through experiences.I think the universe throws certain situations at us not so much to test us but to teach us,to learn and grow and to open our eyes to things we may have missed.

    My driving force to stay focused and continue to push forward is my passion to be able to make a difference, not only for my self but for the people around me.

  • At 9:14 AM, July 28, 2005 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    AWESOME!!! These are really powerful responses. I loved how Jaschenka described success coming from the inside. And if any of you missed it, be sure to read Ute's list of ingredients in her "recipie"! And notice the spirituality naturally inherent in Kathy's answer. I'm totally inspired!! Thank you guys so much. Great Answers!! Keep em comin!


  • At 3:08 AM, August 02, 2005 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    What great responses from everyone.
    Sucess = Achievement/ when you are at the point of your life where you are content/satisfied with all youve set out to accomplish and have achieved without regrets.
    HOW - set goals,meet your targets, be persistent and determined.DREAM BIG - LIVE BIG.
    WHY? Why not? What else have you got to do? It's up to us to seek out our own destiny and fulfill them.

  • At 7:23 AM, August 02, 2005 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    Thanks for all the great input. I love this topic. As Yoda says, "Do or do not, there is no try." Live it!

    Because All Things Are Possible!


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