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Friday, October 20, 2006

Law of Attraction

Howdy Friends!

You have heard me gush about the movie "The Secret" and the law of attraction.
Well, thanks to YouTube, you can click here now for Bob Proctor's consise 9 min summarization of the law of attraction which is the kernel of The Secret.

Once you have watched it, ask yourself what you really want AND what you are willing to believe to align your thinking with your goals.

We are limited only by our thinking. If we choose to focus on why we can't or aren't enough, we will find ourselves to be absolutely right. IF, however, we put our energy and beliefs into the limitless abundance and potential we have, we will open up a world of possibilities for ourselves and represent that prosperity thinking for others. It's simply a conscious decision how we use our thought to direct our destinies. The following quote by Marianne Williamson elegantly reframes this thought:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God.
Your playing small doesn't serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you.
We are all meant to shine, as children do.
We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.
It's not just in some of us, it's in everyone.
And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."

So what do you want? Then make it so.

Take care of each other.

All Things Possible!


  • At 9:38 AM, October 22, 2006 , Anonymous Patrick said...

    Chris and the Family, good afternoon from beautiful Miami Beach! I am here attending the 59th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Blood Banks. It is gorgeous, hot, and fun!

    I have been most impressed by the educational sessions, one of which I want to share here as it pertains to the topics we speak about regularly.

    Scott Hunter is a wonderful person who presented a session on "Creating an Extraordinary Organization" and I was lucky enough to receive his CD titled "Living a Life you Love." I think Scott could easily have been one of the teachers in "The Secret" as his message was focused on the same path. He encouraged all of us to awaken every day with the thought that we are in paradise, and to believe it! If you have an opportunity to check out his website,, I think you will be impressed. I was very energized by the man!

    Love and hugs to you all! I will write more when I return from the meeting.

    Chris, I hope all is going well in Philadelphia! Adrian and I have the best seats in the house and are looking forward to seeing both you and the show next weekend!

    Patrick from Pittsburgh (in Miami Beach!)

  • At 1:29 PM, October 22, 2006 , Blogger Tim said...

    Happy Weekend Forum Family

    Patrick, I am sure you are enjoying the Miami weather far more than I am ejoying northern Illinois' today. A beach sounds far more inviting than the 33 degrees, wind and rain that we had this morning. Standing ringside at a dog agility trial watching my students, it crossed my mind many times that my bed would be a far warmer place to be at that moment. My students had a fantastic weekend with many qualifying runs so it was worth a little shiver here or there to be present. I wisely didn't enter any of my dogs so as soon as my last student ran, I was out of there!

    As far as The Secret goes, my comments are strictly about the 9 minute short that Chris posted here. I have yet to get into the full length version.

    I am a firm believer in the power of possitive thinking and the results that can be achieved by channeling possitive energy towards a given direction. There is a certain aura around someone who is in that frame. Everyone has probably at one time or another, entered a room where there was a conflict between two individuals. You can feel the negative energy within moments. I know many people who radiate that type of energy almost constantly. They always seem to be wanting more out of what ever aspect of their lives they are dealing with. Many of these people sit and wait for things to happen vs "making" them happen. There seems to be a pervasive attitude of Poor Me. Possitive Mental Attitude is a wonderful thing and starts simply by dropping the letter "T" from the word "CAN'T".

    The 9 minute version of The Secret dropped many buzz words such as "greater wealth, greater health and more meaningful relationships", things we all want. I was right there getting into it until we hit the 7 minute mark and mention of merchandise hit. That is where the cynical part of my brain kicked in. The words "for sale" or "you can buy" were carefully left out but the implication was there. You just have to go a bit farther than the 9 minutes to find out the where and how. The cynical part of my brain (the negative energy) was racing at this point having picked up on "their marketing ploy" to get me to buy their product and thus granting THEM "greater wealth" so THEY can have "greater health" and thus find THEIR way to "more meaningful relationships".

    This is the exact point that I slapped myself upside the head. I allowed myself a brief moment where the negative energy had taken control, where the negative part of my brain succeded in making me think I was about to be "taken". With out knowing what "The Secret" is totally about, I had, albeit for just a few moments, closed my mind to the entire subject.

    Yeah Chris, I'll be checking it out in the future after all

    All Things ARE Possible if you think that way


  • At 3:56 AM, October 24, 2006 , Anonymous Patrick said...

    Tim, I completely agree with you. I believe the message of "The Secret" is a really good one, but I wish they presentors had not gone down the merchandising path. I know so many "teachers" who have very good information to share, but who want the lion's share of the profits before sharing. I had the same reaction as you as soon as the merchandising buzz words entered the film. My partner and I purchased the full-length version as soon as I read about "The Secret". The full length version is a mix of folks who seem to be able to share their knowledge without the need to get anything in return, and others seem hesitant to share any information without you visiting their website and purchasing their "secrets." As soon as the world understands that freely sharing knowledge which is good for the entire world community is the secret to a better world, then our planet will become a better place.

    I think the basic principles of "The Secret" are wonderful and I hope that people who see the film receive whatever blessings they need!

    I am sad to be leaving the sun here in Miami Beach, and will be nice and chilly when wearing my shorts and t-shirt back to the snow in Pittsburgh today! It was almost 70d when we left home last week!

    Love to all the Family, and I will reconnect at home.


  • At 11:33 AM, October 24, 2006 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    Hey Guys!!

    Thanks so much Tim and Patrick for writing in. I think we can all appreciate the lovely American Midwest climate at the moment. I am in Philadelphia now and it is CRISP (but sunny!) outside. Looking forward to seeing Patrick and Adrian at the show this weekend!!

    Thank you so much for sitting down with that brief clip of Bob Proctor talking about THE SECRET. Yes, you are both right that he starts selling a bit at the end. SO think of it this way, that 9 min clip is like a Buffet (Just like LIFE is like a buffet - I love food metaphors!!) You don't have to eat everything on the buffet - you get to choose those things that enrich your experience and you can CHOOSE to leave behind those that aren't for you.

    I found another clip on Youtube - and this one is taken directly from the movie. It is 7 min. long and gives a bit more insight from many different speakers. Copy this link into your browser:

    And have fun making your list of all the things you really want and living AS IF THEY HAVE ALREADY HAPPENED. It makes life a lot more exquisite in the NOW!

    Take Care Of Each Other!

    All Things Possible!

  • At 5:24 AM, October 25, 2006 , Blogger Lara Ufuk said...

    Hi dear all

    Chris, thank you so much for the both videos.. they are excellent.. the "Secret" was suggested by the Sufism writer we all read with my friends (i love the synchronization when it happens like this) yet somehow i am the only one who didn't see it. so these videos helped me to get the point..

    it also helps that you encourage us to ask the important questions to is tricky topic though when i consider the eternal life of my is crucial to want the right things for the both worlds..and how do i know the asnwer to this? past couple of years after making some bad choices just becasue of being afraid to want something wrong i have had left my choices/wishes into the hands of the universe's will just by asking what is best for me.. after this topic i have been trying harder to be more spesific and to create rights conditions for the receiving stage.. i see that it should be a team work to let universe to give us what we wish to receive...

    Last night i wachted a movie called Koch Carter by Samuel JAckson ( i like him).. i really enjoyed one part the quotation of Marianne Williamson which you gave here was said by a student in a special moment.. i thought it was cool to hear it there right after you quaoting it here.. nothing is coincededance :)

    Patrick, thank you sharing about Scott Hunter.. sounds like a special person.. in Sufism it is tought to us that heaven and hell are both in our mind and heart no where else and we are to experience them both starting in this world that we don't need to wait to die to be in heaven or hell..what scott hunter said fits into this teaching perfectly that if we thought that we are in paradise then we start to create it and be there.. after all it is within us..

    Tim, i hear you about the selling part of such valuable secrets of life.. There has been a lot of such valuable information around lately and some people do sell some just share.. i do exactly as Chris says..collect the part i hope the use..but when i see the ones who share without expecting anyhting in return i try to stay linked to them and to give something back even though they don't ask for it..the different aproaches also teaches me about the nature and needs of we humans..

    Chris thank you once more...

    Love and hugs to you all my friends

  • At 2:26 PM, October 25, 2006 , Blogger Lara Ufuk said...

    Hi again,

    Tonight i watched the movie called "Click" by Adam Sandler.. i thought that it is another awakening movie about being more effective in our lives with our choices and wanted to share with you..

    Very best,

  • At 8:00 AM, October 26, 2006 , Anonymous Sue said...

    A quick hello to everyone on the forum! I am appreciating all the comments on this topic, and hope to write more later.

    I wanted to take a moment to wish Chris a beautiful CRISP stay in Phiadelphia! Hope the tour excitement is growing, now that you're in the states! Sue

  • At 6:27 PM, October 29, 2006 , Anonymous DaveW said...

    Hello everyone,
    I am back home from my "whirlwind" tour of California (from San Diego to San Francisco with stops in between) where I have plenty of time to think about a lot of stuff - including about what I want from my life. How appropriate it was to get back and find Chris's latest topic!

    Still thinking about things myself, but will be sure to write more later - I too am enjoying the "crisp" midwest weather and have to adjust to it from the relatively mild weather of the west coast.

    Take care everyone - until next time.


  • At 8:35 PM, October 30, 2006 , Anonymous Sue said...

    Hello again,
    I have a feeling we are all thinking deeply about the topic this week. I have slow Internet so have trouble watching these videos, so I didn't get all through "The Secret" yet. However, I'm familiar with the law of attraction. I do know that I have a lot of work to do in working with these concepts.

    Good to hear from Patrick, Tim and Lara, and welcome back to Michigan, Dave! Looking forward to seeing Legends! when it gets here in couple of weeks.

    I agree with Tim and Chris, that we can find the good and the beautiful things when something is presented to us, and apply those meaningful aspects to our own lives.

    Thanks for the Scott Hunter reference Patrick, and Lara about the movie you liked. My husband just signed us up for Netflix, so maybe I'll become a little more movie literate since I don't get out to the theater that much. I hope to see that movie sometime. Since following Chris and the forum, I have come to realize the power of films to raise our much needed in these times.

    As you can see, I haven't gotten very deep into the subject Chris posted this week, but his newsletter got my attention. What he said struck me like a lightning bolt. And no pun intended from him being in Ben Franklin's Philadelphia. I've never been there and when he talked about Ben Franklin's grave and Independence Hall I realized that I need to make a pilgrimage there. Why have I not before? It seems only logical, after what Chris pointed out about the Founding Fathers. I am supposed to be a descendant on my mom's side of one of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, William Williams. I choked up a bit when Chris talked about the risk those men took and how that was a tremendous example of "all things are possible."

    Well, those men were definitely ATP heroes, and I really do need now to get serious about my genealogy recording "intention." Now, I have an even deeper desire to learn all I can about my ancestor, about whom there isn't much written, to my knowledge.

    Who knew that participating in this forum could spark so many of us to align ourselves more with our intentions. So awesome, and so exciting to see how the topics affect everyone. All things beautiful and possible to you all this week...Sue

  • At 1:41 PM, October 31, 2006 , Anonymous Patrick said...

    Hello, Family!

    My partner Adrian and I just returned from a wonderful roadtrip to Philadelphia. The cross-state trek is beautiful this time of year in Pennsylvania. We had some time to visit with old friends and attend a fun Halloween party! We did some fall shopping in Chestnut Hill (cobblestone streets and gas lamplights), as well as gobble down some very unhealthy and wonderful food!

    But the best part of the weekend was meeting Chris and his wonderful girlfriend Natasha. They are such a well-matched couple and a true joy to spend time with. We had about an hour and half together before we were all off to the Forrest Theatre to watch LEGENDS! The play was really entertaining, but Adrian and I agreed that the two male parts for which Chris is an understudy would have been MUCH better had Chris been performing the favoritism here!

    Chris and Natasha spent the intermission with us outside enjoying the sunny afternoon and taking some fun pictures in front of the theater. Adrian and I are so blessed to have met two genuine and real people.

    If you have an opportunity to see the play, please do--it will make you laugh and enjoy a few hours of escape.

    And I feel my life is better having actually met Chris in person. Chris, please continue to be you and everything you ever hoped for will come to your door.

    More later. I have to reorganize my "stuff" in preparation for a trip to Salt Lake City via Denver. I sound like a jetsetter, but am really just an underpaid blood donation employee! Which reminds is a great time to donate blood if you can.

    Much love to all the Family. It is good to read your words...keep them coming!

    Patrick in Pittsburgh

  • At 8:42 PM, November 02, 2006 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    Awesome Input!! Thank you all!!

    Sue, I am touched to know that you were similarly affected by our early American heros.

    Laura! Thanks for your wonderful insight on the BIGGER picture of our choices and how they affect the now as well as the bigger spiritual existence. I love that you were exposed to the same quote several times. Do you suppose someone is trying to tell you something?

    Welcome back Dave!! Sounds like you had a great time and some introspective time in California. I love to do road trips on my own for that very reason! I get a lot of thinking done on them.

    And finally thank you so much Patrick for coming to the show here in Philly and your beautiful words about the show, Natasha, and me. Likewise, it was a real treat to meet you and Adrian and put a face and a humanity to your words we get to read on the forum. It is easy to forget in cyberspace that there is such a powerful individual essence that can only translate in person that expands and explodes the dimensions we paint of ourselves in print. It is great to bask in each other's essence and be reminded how wonderful it is to be human.

    Take care of each other!

    All Things Possible!

  • At 9:16 AM, November 03, 2006 , Anonymous Angi said...

    Hi and hugs to everyone.

    Another interesting and thought provoking topic Chris. Before adding my comments i'd liek to begin by thanking everyone for posting their. reading them has helped keep me sane during tea breaks between writing up two formative assingments for my courework at college.

    Ok well the clip on the Secret was interesting - but in some ways very familiar. no i hadn't seen it before - about 5 - 7 years ago i eneded up learning feng shui in order to help a friend who didn't drive, and ended up assisting with teaching her evening school class on it - possibly one of the reasons i'm where i am now in life.

    The focus fo Feng Shui at least as applied to the West appears to me to be very self serving as people focus on thise areas in thier lifve that they want - rather than focusing on helping other people achieve their goals as well. To that end i never really felt happy doing it.

    I believe that if anytihng achieving your goal is a kind of sympathetic magic - if you see in your mind what you want then it is more likely to happen - just not overnight. Easier to say than do as you also need to believe in yourself and your right to achieve whatever happiness you desire.

    finally be careful what you wish for - you just might get it
    A belated Happy Samhain everyone

    Love, Hugs and Blessed Be!


  • At 3:15 PM, November 03, 2006 , Anonymous Patrick said...

    Angi, hello! Good to hear from you!

    I fully understand your need for a break during collegiate assignments. I completed my bachelor's degree, master's degree and doctoral degree by taking a lot of breaks!

    I am curious, what is Samhain? I am not familiar with that celebration...

    Love to the Family,
    Patrick in Pittsburgh

  • At 3:13 AM, November 04, 2006 , Anonymous Angi said...

    Hi All

    Good advice for study patrick and on to take on board even though I'm only doing a Foundation Degree at the moment

    Basically Samhain is an Ancient Celtic Festival - what evolved into Halloween. Though in reality there's little resemblense between the two.

    At Samhain, the Celtic New Year, the gateways betwen the worlds were said to be opened so it was a time of reflection, of looking back, honouring and perhaps seeking advice from those who'd gone before and past through the gateway to the next spere of existance. It was also a time fo reflection and looking forward. a time to think about what one wishes to achieve in the next yearly cycle - so i guess in that sense it relates to this current discussion. (Coincidence Chris?)

    personally this feswtival appeals to me far more than the over commercialised idea of Halloween - where the focus is on evil, and scaring, and being "tricked" by manufacturers to "treat" our children to cheap overpriced items so they can go out with groups of friends to what is in effect beg door to door, from people they don't know so well or complete strangers. is it just me or does this seem irresponsible?

    Love, Hugs and Bright blessings to the Family


  • At 5:22 AM, November 04, 2006 , Anonymous Patrick said...

    Angi, thanks so much for the introduction to Samhain. Being of Irish heritage, I am sadly behind on my Irish legends. So I did some more research and thought the family might enjoy the following information about Samhain.

    Have a great weekend, all!
    Patrick in Pittsburgh

    Samhain (Scots Gaelic: Samhuinn) literally means “summer's end.” In Scotland and Ireland, Halloween is known as Oíche Shamhna, while in Wales it is Nos Calan Gaeaf, the eve of the winter's calend, or first. With the rise of Christianity, Samhain was changed to Hallowmas, or All Saints' Day, to commemorate the souls of the blessed dead who had been canonized that year, so the night before became popularly known as Halloween, All Hallows Eve, or Hollantide. November 2nd became All Souls Day, when prayers were to be offered to the souls of all who the departed and those who were waiting in Purgatory for entry into Heaven. Throughout the centuries, pagan and Christian beliefs intertwine in a gallimaufry of celebrations from Oct 31st through November 5th, all of which appear both to challenge the ascendancy of the dark and to revel in its mystery.

    In the country year, Samhain marked the first day of winter, when the herders led the cattle and sheep down from their summer hillside pastures to the shelter of stable and byre. The hay that would feed them during the winter must be stored in sturdy thatched ricks, tied down securely against storms. Those destined for the table were slaughtered, after being ritually devoted to the gods in pagan times. All the harvest must be gathered in -- barley, oats, wheat, turnips, and apples -- for come November, the faeries would blast every growing plant with their breath, blighting any nuts and berries remaining on the hedgerows. Peat and wood for winter fires were stacked high by the hearth. It was a joyous time of family reunion, when all members of the household worked together baking, salting meat, and making preserves for the winter feasts to come. The endless horizons of summer gave way to a warm, dim and often smoky room; the symphony of summer sounds was replaced by a counterpoint of voices, young and old, human and animal.

    In early Ireland, people gathered at the ritual centers of the tribes, for Samhain was the principal calendar feast of the year. The greatest assembly was the 'Feast of Tara,' focusing on the royal seat of the High King as the heart of the sacred land, the point of conception for the new year. In every household throughout the country, hearth-fires were extinguished. All waited for the Druids to light the new fire of the year -- not at Tara, but at Tlachtga, a hill twelve miles to the north-west. It marked the burial-place of Tlachtga, daughter of the great druid Mogh Ruith, who may once have been a goddess in her own right in a former age.

    At at all the turning points of the Celtic year, the gods drew near to Earth at Samhain, so many sacrifices and gifts were offered up in thanksgiving for the harvest. Personal prayers in the form of objects symbolizing the wishes of supplicants or ailments to be healed were cast into the fire, and at the end of the ceremonies, brands were lit from the great fire of Tara to re-kindle all the home fires of the tribe, as at Beltane. As they received the flame that marked this time of beginnings, people surely felt a sense of the kindling of new dreams, projects and hopes for the year to come.

    The Samhain fires continued to blaze down the centuries. In the 1860s the Halloween bonfires were still so popular in Scotland that one traveler reported seeing thirty fires lighting up the hillsides all on one night, each surrounded by rings of dancing figures, a practice which continued up to the first World War. Young people and servants lit brands from the fire and ran around the fields and hedges of house and farm, while community leaders surrounded parish boundaries with a magic circle of light. Afterwards, ashes from the fires were sprinkled over the fields to protect them during the winter months -- and of course, they also improved the soil. The bonfire provided an island of light within the oncoming tide of winter darkness, keeping away cold, discomfort, and evil spirits long before electricity illumined our nights. When the last flame sank down, it was time to run as fast as you could for home, raising the cry, “The black sow without a tail take the hindmost!”

    Even today, bonfires light up the skies in many parts of the British Isles and Ireland at this season, although in many areas of Britain their significance has been co-opted by Guy Fawkes Day, which falls on November 5th, and commemorates an unsuccessful attempt to blow up the English Houses of Parliament in the 17th century. In one Devonshire village, the extraordinary sight of both men and women running through the streets with blazing tar barrels on their backs can still be seen! Whatever the reason, there will probably always be a human need to make fires against the winter’s dark.

  • At 3:04 AM, November 05, 2006 , Anonymous Angi said...

    patrick thanks for doing and sharing that extensive research with us. i knew a lot fo it but not the bit about the faeries so really appreciate it.

    Love, hugs and Bright Blessings everyone


  • At 3:34 PM, November 05, 2006 , Anonymous Alex said...

    Hello wonderful forum Family!

    Chris, thanks once more for the topics you put on this wonderful forum and for your eagerly awaited Newsletters always rich of interesting stories, beautiful photos and very entertaining audios. I liked the great videos about "The Secret" and the comments posted by all of you.

    Tim, i appreciated your sincere opinions about feeling the energies and the positive mental attitude. I agree with you and Patrick about the fact that unfortunately too much people want mainly make money and profits instead of sharing their knowledges freely. But like Chris said, and i love his food metaphores, we can choose at the Life's Buffet what is good for our life which is really a team work with the universe as Lara rightly noticed.

    Patrick i always like your nice words and thoughts. It was great you and Adrian saw "Legends" and met Chris and Nathasha in person! We all would love to meet them so thanks for your comments about this your wonderful experience. You're absolutely right: it's great and it's really a blessing to meet such wonderful, true, genuine human beings. Also thanks for the research and the detailed info about Samhain; i didn't know them well so i'm also grateful to Angi for mentioning this topic.

    Well, within one week Sue and Dave will see Legends! So hope you both enjoy the play and i'm sure that it'll be amazing for you to meet Chris and Nathasha in person! I'm looking forward to reading your comments!

    Much love and hugs to all of you!

    Alex in Turin, Italy.

  • At 5:08 PM, November 05, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    That 9-minute film was nice, but I believe that this one^

    is more realistic--

  • At 6:21 PM, November 05, 2006 , Anonymous DaveW said...

    Yep - I do plan on seeing "Legends" when it is in East Lansing - though unfortunately my schedule won't allow me to go on opening night so I'm sorry I won't be there at the same time as Sue.

    Patrick - thanks for all the information about Samhain. I've always had an interest in the origins of holidays and this info filled in a few gaps in my knowledge of Halloween. Which in my area sure felt like summer's end this year (brrrr)!

    Good to see everything everyone has contributed - until next time I will be working on creating new possibilities. Take care!


  • At 8:14 PM, November 05, 2006 , Anonymous sue said...

    Dear forum family,

    "May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, And the rain fall soft upon your fields…And until we meet again, May god hold you in the palm of His hand." – Irish Blessing.

    This familiar Irish blessing seems fitting to wish you all, as we are on the topic of Celtic lore...and Chris is traveling on so many different roads, asking us to take care of each other. I found it just now as I am working on a little article for my hometown paper about a local woman who owns an Irish store in town...and it will be my pleasure to tell about her wonderful tours to Ireland. Oddly enough, now that I've mentioned my ancestor (which we're not totally sure is the right William Williams - unless I do my homework) is from all this is compelling me to explore my Irish heritage more. And the Samhain topic is fascinating and pulling me along even more.

    Dave, Yes it has been very "Crisp" here. I think we have a new favorite forum word! This week promises to be mild, though, so that will be a welcome respite. We're not quite ready for winter here..and the full moon tonight is absolutely beautiful. I've been intrigued by the mystery of the full moon, because both of our kids were born at the full moon. So, I love to hear full moon stories.

    And I loved Angi's and Patrick's posts about Samhain. I had not learned that word, but our church has a wonderful service for All Saints' Day at this time of year, very meaningful, with lighting of candles, special prayers and remembrances for those who've passed on. I love the Celtic history lesson, Patrick...and the idea of the bonfires to light the dark skies as winter approaches. Before long the Christmas lights will light up homes at winter solstice. Of course, that's my personal favorite day of the calendar year when I know each day will be a little bit lighter!

    Regarding "The Secret" - I haven't as yet been able to view the clip well, but I did happen to watch Larry King the other night when he had a panel discussion about the topic, and including panelists from the movie, apparently. So that was well-done I thought, and I felt I had a better understanding of what Chris is talking about, plus learning of all these people and their individual work. Wondering if anyone else saw the show. Meanwhile, CNN website for Larry King has the info about the show, and websites there for all those participants.

    Alex, it's great to hear from Italy! You reminded me to say how much I have enjoyed Chris' e-news from the road, as well. I've been forwarding it on to some family members. I'm excited about going to see Legends! -- especially because my younger brother and my sister are coming down from the northern part of the state to meet us, and hopefully they will get to meet Chris too. They both have heard me talk about Chris and his work, and both have listened to the Last Cowboy audio. You are so right, Patrick, it is awesome to meet people in person and, as Chris wrote so eloquently, to discover the real dimension of their personality and their soul.

    We've had our tickets for quite some time on opening night. It would be wonderful to meet you, Dave. I suppose we can affirm "all things possible," and perhaps Chris might have a thought on this! Depending on what night you are in East Lansing. I had visions of a "fan gathering" and how fun that would be someday down Chris' yellow brick road!

    Beautiful blessings to all this week...Sue

  • At 10:22 AM, November 06, 2006 , Anonymous Alex said...

    Hello again dear friends!

    Thanks Sue! It's always great to read your beautiful posts. Nice to know that you and your family will meet Chris! It'll be fantastic!

    Dave, i'm sorry that your schedule don't allow you to be in East Lansing at the same time as Sue! But Sue had visions of a "fan gathering" and all things are possible so maybe... Anyway enjoy the trip, the play and the meeting with Chris.

    Take care and have a great week all!

    Alex in Italy

  • At 7:30 PM, November 06, 2006 , Anonymous Sue said...

    Hi Alex in Italy...thanks for your beautiful words about the postings...that made me feel great. Writing on a public forum is new to me, so I'm glad to know the forum family finds it interesting. I always love to read everyone's unique stories. The forum is becoming a kaleidoscope of beautiful thoughts and perspectives...and always enjoyable from all the different places we call home.

    Thanks for picking up on my fan gathering thought. Wouldn't that be awesome?! For now, I guess we'll have to be content to gather here on the again I thank you for tuning in, and hope all is well for you and yours. Soon we might need a forum family tree to keep up with each other! ATP! Sue

  • At 11:15 AM, November 07, 2006 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    Hey All!!

    Hope your week is shaping up nicely. We have just arrived in Hartford Conneticut at the perfect time of year. The trees outside look like a postcard the colors are so idylic! Thanks for the Samahin insight Angi and Patrick! I love finding out why we do the things we do and where they originated! Good luck with the degree, Angi!

    Thanks Alex for your always kind words. I'm looking forward to hearing how life is shaping up for you there in Italy! (BTW, one of my favorite places on the planet!)

    I'm looking forward to seeing Dave and Sue in Michigan next week. Dave, when you get a chance, send an email to let me know what day you'll be coming. Looking forward to seeing you!

    And finally, thanks so much to Annonymous. I don't know if any of you watched the movie, (no one has yet commented on it) but there is a very funny link about 5 responses up which is a spoof on the sellers of success. I love being reminded that as sacred and important as all of it may seem, not to take any of this too seriously - and it's healthy to laugh at ourselves often! Thank You!!

    Take care of each other!

    All Things Possible!

  • At 2:25 PM, November 09, 2006 , Anonymous Jaschenka said...

    Hello everyone. Good to see this place keeps buzzing with good vibes. And what an interesting turn the conversation took..from 'the Secret' to Samhain! Over here we don't have the tradition of Halloween but it is becoming more popular among kids (gee, I wonder why..)to dress up and walk the neighbourhoods collecting candy. However I don't think they even know the origins of the Halloween idea- and very few people over here know about Samhain. I call myself lucky to know a bunch of people who do keep the Samhain tradition alive and that includes you, Angi! Thank you.

    Something that bothers me in general about all holidays really (and this adds up to some previous comments made in this topic) is how commercialised it all gets. Over here we celebrate Saint Nicolas Day on December 5th, which is really a kids thing..and already prices for toys are rising and it all seems to be about making profits, more and faster. Too bad, since the original Saint Nicolas was a very wealthy man who provided the poor children with food and toys on his birthday.

    Chris, hope all is going well on tour and looking forward to your next newsletter. It must be fun to be able to meet some of the forum family members in real and I am sure they return the feeling! Too bad we are on the wrong side of the ocean. ;)
    Sue, I like the idea of a fan gathering, although in this case maybe 'family reunion' would be a better word? Glad you enjoy your time online. As a moderator on another forum I can assure you that not all boards are always happy places..there is a lot of bad stuff going on so be on your guard out there!

    Very appropiate- it seems fall kicked in over here on Samhain night starting with a fierce storm, just how I like it. Temperatures have dropped but are still mild for the time of year. I don't live in a very foresty area so I do miss the colour-changing of the season but I got my chance during a nice walk in the park last week to get some characteristic autumn shots on camera. If anyone is interested you can find them here:

    Take care everyone, Happy Swirly Woosh Woosh Winds and Be Inspired!

  • At 4:40 PM, November 09, 2006 , Anonymous Alex said...

    Thanks Sue and Chris for being so sweet and kind. I'm doing quite well and hope all is well for you and yours too! Yeah Sue a fan gathering would be truly awesome; also i liked your note about a forum family tree. :)
    Thank you very much Anonymous for that very hilarious B-Squad video; those guys are too funny!
    Well said Chris: laughing often at ourselves is very important and healthy!
    Dave, as you can see all things are possible thanks to amazing people like our hero SuperChris!!

    Enjoy your life and take care all!

    Alex in Italy

  • At 6:13 PM, November 09, 2006 , Anonymous DaveW said...

    Hey everyone,
    Just a quick update for those who are interested - I now have my tickets in hand for the Saturday night show while 'Legends' is in East Lansing, Michigan! I'll be sure to report back here afterwards.


  • At 7:43 PM, November 09, 2006 , Anonymous Sue said...

    Hello all, Thought I'd check in here a bit. So nice to see the forum buzzing as Jaschenka described it. It has been wonderful to see how the forum is developing over time. I liked your comment, Jaschenka, about the family reunion thought. Or maybe a "class reunion" from Chris' "forum class" it seems to be at times, with all the topics he's covered. Good thing we're only expected to keep on studying and learning, because I don't think I'd pass a written test! Thanks, too, Jaschenka, for your comments about blogging. You are so right. I don't blog online anywhere else, so far, and it took me awhile to get used to this. I definitely think a person needs "street smarts" when working on the Internet. Thankfully, I'm assured of the integrity of this forum, which makes it all the more beautiful to know the genuine person who inaugurated this unique networking opportunity.

    Our weather this week has returned to pleasant and mild, so everyone is outside enjoying it...for a couple more days! I love your photos on photobucket, Jaschenka! I need a good camera to take such shots. I did try some like that earlier this fall, and now I've lost my camera somewhere. But I love to take those kinds of pictures...thanks so much for sharing! Now can you share about the Swirly Woosh Woosh Winds? I like that.

    Thanks for the nice note Alex. I agree with you and Chris about laughter being the best medicine. And I love your "SuperChris" nickname. Dave, we'll hope for great weather for traveling to East Lansing next week...and keep thinking ATP! All things beautiful too! Sue

  • At 10:09 AM, November 10, 2006 , Anonymous Jaschenka said...

    Hi again everyone and hello Sue. Thanks for your response to my post. Actually this forum is a little different than most forums or boards that I came across..and not just because of all the nice people that dwell here. To give you an example this is the link of the board I moderate for. As you can see it is divided in different sections and each section consist of topics which consist of various threads. Sounds complicated but this particualar board is very quiet so that makes my job easy. What I do like about this setup is the instant feedback and constant movement of the forum- anyone can stop by at any time and find something of interest. You can post pics, share adventures, discuss opinions and really get to know eachother quite well. However, if you check my latest post there in the 'announcements' section you understand a bit of some of the ugly things that happen in these public places. Fortunately the fun outnumbers the filth.
    Sorry to hear about misplacing your camera, Sue. I love taking photos and I really believe looking through the lens changes your perspective on the world. There are too much details overlooked as it is and I try capture some of what goes on beneath the surface, so to speak. Glad you enjoyed my photos, Sue.

    About the 'swirly woosh woosh'(hm..I believe there was another person who asked me about that recently..right Chris?!) Swirly Woosh Woosh is a self-invented term actually- so don't bother to look for it in the dictionary. :) The 'swirly' bit comes from the face decorations known as 'swirlies' that are used by my favourite neo-celtic music group Omnia. In the old days (this actually fits in nicely with the Samhain talk)the Celts used swirlies or facepaintings known as 'woads' to scare off enemies when going to war, or decorated themselves with them to honour the gods during festivities. So, that's the swirly part. 'Woosh woosh' is the sound a sword makes when you swing it (take my word for it!) and this comes from an interview with Mr Craig Parker (who played the elf Haldir in the LOTR trilogy)who joked about how easy swordfighting looks to the untrained eye- the sword going 'woosh woosh'. He said it in such an amusing way that it stuck by me. At some point these two seperate expressions sort of blended and nowadays I use this term for anything that is pointy-ear, elvish in some way, celtic or Paganisch of some sort. Therefor I used it in the context of 'swirly woosh woosh winds'- as I believe the autumn storms are one of Mother Natures finest displays of her powers! So, there ya go! (If anyone has any further quuestions don't hesitate to contact me..)

    Have a great weekend everyone and keep smiling. Be Inspired!

  • At 2:52 PM, November 10, 2006 , Blogger Tim said...

    Hi All

    Happy swirly woosh woosh weekend. It is cold, rainy and windy here at the moment, very much as Jaschenka has described. We are even getting some lightning and thunder, unsual for November. I think this is great. If the wind keeps up with out changing direction, my leaves will be the neighbors problem by morning :-)

    I am currently under seige by our 2 year old german shepherd and 6 month old border collie. The weather is too nasty to let them out and play so they are playing their favorite indoor game of "how far can we make it through the house with out touching the floor"(I am sure Jaschenka can relate). This game is not unlike professional wrestling, just better actors.

    Are the holidays too commercial as previously mentioned? I am not sure but the season is getting a bit long. What was once "The Twelve Days of Christmas" is turning into "The Twelve Months of Christmas". I saw holiday decorations in stores starting in September. Some towns in my area are starting to put up their lights and trees (OK, I know, the weather) but the best yet is there is a radio station out of Chicago that started playing "all holiday music, all the time" the day after Halloween. Come on! By the time Christmas gets here, Rudolph will have flown more flights than United. I know I sound like Scrooge but what ever happened to Thanksgiving?

    Dave and Sue. Hope you have a great time this weekend.

    Everyone, stay healthy, stay safe


  • At 3:14 PM, November 10, 2006 , Anonymous Patrick said...

    Good evening, Family!

    It was 65d and sunny here in Pittsburgh today, but all that will change tomorrow with temps in the 40s and some snow flurries and slush predicted.

    Tim mentioned the Twelve Days of Christmas. A few years ago, Adrian and I decided that Christmas was too meaningful a season (more from a celebratory standpoint than a religious one) to just enjoy one day, so we adopted the Twelve Days of Christmas celebration--which is the twelve days between December 25 (neo Christmas) and January 5 (orthodox Christmas). We exchange one gift a day for the twelve days. This is done in the morning with coffee and music which makes a very nice start to the day. Plus we get to enjoy opening gifts for almost two weeks! There is a lot of research on the web about the Twelve Days of Christmas...very intersting reading.

    And I have a request. Chris has been sending the LEGENDS tour newsletters to those who signed up to get them, but the only one I have been able to receive is the first one. If someone could attempt to send me one of the others as a test, I would appreciate it. If it works, maybe you could forward me the rest of the newsletters. For some reason, the newsletters are bouncing back to Chris. This may also happen coming from somewhere else, but at least I may get a chance to see some of the other newsletters. If anyone can help, my email address is Thanks!

    Jaschenka, it is always good to hear from you. Sue and Dave, enjoy LEGENDS! Report back you experience with the play and with Chris.

    Chris, I hope you are well and healthy and enjoying the tour!

    Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Be good to yourselves and enjoy your days!

    Patrick in Pittsburgh

  • At 4:39 PM, November 10, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Christopher and family/friends
    I am never disapointed at the thought provoking conversation that this forum provides.
    Chris, you always amaze me, you are absolutely the most sincere, kind, loving being that I have ever known. I thank the big guy for having brought the two of us together. Your friendship is, without a doubt, one of my life's "highlights".
    You have a unique way of spreading love to the world. I am certain that each person in this forum would agree.
    You know, you are like the Pay it Forward Actor/Humanitarian/Writer/Bodybuilder/Singer/ best dinner date/ best movie date......I could go on forever Guy. You insoire people to think and act in a more 'human, loving, and kind way.
    I love and miss you, stay warm! Kudos on the walking! Other than the distance factor, is your stay at the hotel a pleasant one?
    Remember the motel Ty and I stayed at in Hollywooda? When we found out the Roosevelt was booked we decided to go to the Ghetto chic motel, near Rock Walk. Tyler had just gotten his guitar and wanted to feel like a starving musician. Thank goodness that was only one night! It looked like a seedy motel you would see in a Quentin Tarantino slasher flick.
    Have a fantastic weekend! It will be a glorious 73-75 degrees here in So Cal... Enjoy the cold Autumn air aweety!
    All my love, and all the best forum family! \

  • At 10:08 AM, November 11, 2006 , Blogger Lara Ufuk said...

    Patrick, i tried to forward the newsletters but received error message on the email address..

    Dear Friends, great energy in here.. thank you for creating it..

    Chris, i watched the Secret a few days ago and loved it.. thank you again for recommending it..i have also watched the CSI Driven Episode last night.. you were very good.. very convincing.. really hope to see you more on the big screeen.. you belong there.. i totaly agree with your friend Kimberly about you being the most sincere, kind, loving being that I have ever known.. you did change all my limits about being sincere, nice, kind, loving..etc.. actually until i have met you-even remotely-i didn't think people like you even exist :)

    Seconding Tim and Patrick in their wish for Dave and Sue.. Have an excellent time at the Legends you guys..

    Love and big hugs to all,

    Lara Ufuk

  • At 7:12 PM, November 11, 2006 , Anonymous Patrick said...

    Good evening, Family!

    Kimberlily, good to hear from you. Anyone who can survive a Quintin Tarantino motel has my respect! And I could not agree with your more about Chris. He has abilities that affect us all!

    Chris, good luck with the walking...just be careful. We want you to break a leg on the stage, not on the sidewalk!

    Lara, thanks for attempting to send the newsletters. Dave and Alex were able to get me the entire series, and now I am caught up on the LEGENDS! tour.

    I hope everyone goes to bed tonight thankful for the day, and feeling that you accomplished something!

    Take care of yourselves...we'll talk again soon.

    Love to the Family!

    Patrick in Pittsburgh

  • At 5:37 AM, November 12, 2006 , Anonymous Ute said...

    Hello dear forum family,

    hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Once again a great topic that makes us think! And I am glad it's still up because it took me so long to think about it as well as having been short on time for a while again. The weather here is still rather warm for the season, around 10d celcius and the October was the warmest for 5 years, very dry too. Next week we are said to get lots of rains, but I don't really mind that.

    So, I finally watched the clip about The Secret and I can only comment on those 9 minutes. There were a lot of other interesting clips on that website as well and I must say my favourite was one titled "What is success?" What put me off The Secret a bit is that for them success seems to mainly equal money/wealth. Strangely, this reminded me of a report I once saw about fortune cookies, how the little paper slips had a focus for money/wealth for Westerners and happiness/health for Easterners. I also think that The Secret is a bit simplified, as from my experience I wouldn't say it's just a matter of the law of attraction but also of creating a positive environment. What I mean is, if you are working with a group of people and you are a positive person and try to help people out and meet them eye-to-eye you have a totally different (better) relationship with them than people tend towards negativity, selfishness and are uncooperative. So it's more complicated than merely attracting some other positive minded people. Also, The Secret doesn't seem to acknowledge that life is interactive, sure, the basic state of mind and determination and all that must come from you, but we are influenced so much by our environment and only the strongest people do not need encouragement, support and input from well-meaning/like-minded people as well as education, awareness etc. Actually, it is hard for me to judge this objectively as I have always been a positive person and have let a very happy and fortunate life. So I cannot be sure if I 'attracted' all these good things or how this came to be. And we Germans are known to think to much and sometimes making things more complicated than they need be. I do believe that a positive attitude is certainly a big factor but I am not sure if it's the only one and like Angie so rightly pointed out, these things take time and don't happen over night.
    The other thing that bothered me about what was said in the clip about The Secret was the separation of body, mind and soul. Even though I do believe in the immortality of the soul I also believe that in this realm body, mind and soul are one and are in fact influencing each other. I have experienced that when my mind was uneasy my body also was feeling unwell. So obviously, this Secret is not for me, but like Chris said, look at it as a buffet and only take what you like and leave the rest.

    Tim, I sympathise with your negative feelings about the sales aspect. Though I would look upon it as healthy sceptism rather than a negative emotion. In this day and age alas it is a sad fact that more often than not people only want only our money and are not really interested in helping our advancement. One shouldn't close oneself totally to new ideas, but not take them at face value either, being scepticle and asking questions might even benefit you more than being a blind follower, if you know what I am saying. Also, I think that it's not totally negative if you are aware of it. If you realise what frame of mind you are in, you can chose to change it and you decide if you let it affect your interaction with others or not. I get easily irratable once a month (all you women will know what I am talking about), but I feel it coming and try not to be ruled by that. Sometimes I tell my colleagues, I am in such a mood today, so if I'm a bit snappy, don't take it too serious please. Mostly, I have found out, that they never notice my 'moodyness' as acutely as I do and I take that as a good sign. On the other hand I was with a friend when he talked to his sister on the mobile phone and I thought the conversation was rather harsh, by my standards anyway. When I commented on that afterwards my friend said this was a normal conversation and harsh would be quite different. He didn't realise how much negativity he was giving off, it was normal to him! And this is a great problem today, I think, as I found this a few times now that when I mentioned to people that they were being negative they were denying it - they just didn't see it.

    Lara, I love the Sufism concept that heaven and hell are both in our mind and heart and no where else. We have a proverb in Germany which translates to something like Everyone is the maker of his/her own happiness. For years I believe this to apply to outwards success like having a good job and the like but I finally came to see that it is such as true of your inner happiness, the way you look at things and how you deal with problems, if you tend to look at the bright side of things rather than the dark side.

    Sue, I love your idea of the pilgirmage to Philadelphia. There are so many things we often take for granted because we grow up with them and they were always there, so we never stop to think about them. Then something happens and suddenly we realise it's actually something very special that is there and that should be treasured. I do believe this moments of revelation or illumination come to us at the time when we are ready for them. I also love the idea about a forum family reunion. Maybe we can put this on all our wish lists and make it happen somewhere along Chris' yellow brick road. In the meantime, everyone who gets the chance to meet up with Chris and fellow forum family members, have fun and enjoy yourself. Good life theatre is always a treat!

    Patrick, thanks for the research on Samhain. Isn't it interesting though, how much all the faiths are actually intertwined?

    Thanks also to whoever posted the cllip from The B Squad. I very much enjoyed that.

    Last but not least, thanks Chris for your weekly newsletters and letting us be part of your tour (with the double meaning of trip) through the States. They are always interesting and I am looking forward to them every week.

    As everyone is quoting poems I was remembered of a poem that I heard on - believe it or not - The A-Team years ago and that I found really appealing. Funny what you can drag up from the depth of your minds after having forgotten about it for years. I can't recall the title of the episode unfortunately and all my reference material is out of reach do to the redecoration, but as I recall the episode was of one of the members of the Team, Face, being given a chance to clear his name and get back to a normal life. The poem went like this:

    Look to this day, for yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is but a vision.
    For what this day is, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope.

    I hope I remembered it correctly. Don't know if the writers came up with it or if they quoted someone else. I quite like it and I thought I'd share it with you.

    Big hugs to you all and may you all find the secret that is right for you!


  • At 10:38 AM, November 12, 2006 , Anonymous Angi said...

    Huge hugs to everyone in the Family. As always whenever I come here i find hope wisdom and inspiration - both from Chris's stimulating topics and everyones posts.

    Like Jasch i'm a member of other forums and often find posts on those either exclusive to a small clique or trivial.

    To all those fo you in the States fortunate enough t obe able to meet Chris and see Legends, thank you for sharing with thoseof us too far away over the "pond" to have this opportunity, through your feedback and Chris's regular newsletters - it's almost like we were there too sharing the experience.

    That reminds me Patrick - according to my comp I've sucessfully sent Newsletter 10 to you. Let me know if you manage to recieve it - and i'll forward the backlog (aa far as i have them)

    Sue I love your idea of FAmily Reunion - it's beautiful and goes a long way to deesribing the special bond we all seem to have on here.

    You know in that sense we don't need the Secret . . . . we already have it, here between us. In the way we all give so freely of our ideasa and experience. The way we share and encourage each other - all thanks to Chris who made it all possible.

    Ute i love your short poem and if i may i'd like to end by quoting a card i was sent some time ago by a friend since the words seem to suit this unique corner of cyberspace.

    "Your warmth and love shine a light in my world, where our spirits meet and are free . . .

    Where in courage and joy we can share our true selves, our deep loves. . . who we can be. . .

    The most beautiful friendships we can have are those that encourage and inspire us to discover and be who we really are."

    in such friendships surely All things are possible?

    Have a great week everyone

    love hugs and Bright Blessings


  • At 8:32 AM, November 13, 2006 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the warm welcome Patrick! Such a welcome response just may entice me to visit more often! Work is calling my name,like the gentle winds across California's Death, and there is nothing gentle in the winds through Death Valley...I shall return,as a moth doth return to a flame... ok folks, it is true, I have officially lost my mind! Kimberlily

  • At 3:51 PM, November 13, 2006 , Anonymous Patrick said...

    Angi, thanks so much for your willingness to send me the LEGENDS! tour newsletters. But Dave and Alex have already sent me the entire collection, and I have been able to catch up on Chris' romps through North America!

    Kimberlily, losing your mind is not so bad! It is a really nice place to be! All things ARE possible here! Ha, ha!

    It was a challenging start to another week, but I am blessed to have made it through the day unscathed, and am enjoying the comforting purrs of my three cats and the wonderful dinner my partner Adrian is conjuring up in the kitchen. Home really is where the heart is!

    Chris, I think you need to start us up on a November topic. We are all biting at the bit for some challenging thoughts. I know you are busy, but you have created a being which must be fed!

    Has anyone donated blood lately? Your donation will give someone something to be thankful for at this time of year!

    Love to the Family,
    Patrick in Pittsburgh

  • At 9:06 PM, November 14, 2006 , Anonymous Sue said...

    Hi everyone...and hi to Chris and family if tuning in yet this week. Yes Patrick, I can assure you that Chris is really busy...being in his hometown and everyone wants to see him! My husband and I, along with my brother and sister were able to meet him for dinner before the show. Chris and his parents are always warm and welcoming to everyone they maybe we had a little start of a "fan gathering"...even if it's in increments...with you there and soon Dave this weekend. We can keep on believing in All Things Possible and someday (soon!) we'll arrive at that "critical mass" we all are hoping for!

    We enjoyed Joan and Linda, and my brother especially enjoyed it because he loves theater and he remembers the Dynasty show...Now, I'll be looking forward to Dave's addition to the web log this weekend! Have a great visit in East Lansing Dave!

    I've enjoyed reading all the posts this week, and might check in again soon, but it's very late here now and I promised I'd weigh in after the show!
    All Things Possible and Beautiful to the forum family this week...Sue

  • At 9:11 PM, November 18, 2006 , Anonymous DaveW said...

    Hello all,
    I know that everyone is anxious to hear my report on my trip to see Chris and "Legends" this week so I thought I would post now while it is still fresh in my mind.

    A longtime friend and I made the trip up to East Lansing - about an hour and a half's drive from where I live - and were not disappointed in the least. We were able to meet with Chris at a Malaysian Restaraunt that he had heard about from a fellow cast member and we enjoyed good conversation over a variety of asian foods and "bubble" tea. The time did pass too quickly, but it was great to hear about Chris' experiences on the tour and a hint or two about some ongoing and upcoming projects (which I will let Chris fill everyone in on in due course).

    The show itself was interesting in many ways, and not to take anything away from the fine performances of the other cast members, but I personally could see Chris exceling in either of the parts that he is understudying for and one other fairly major role as well (though Chris, I didn't have a chance to ask if you can jump on the piano in a single bound, too). It was good to see both Joan and Linda perform in person and their personal chemistry together really carried the show forward. We were especially impressed with the performance of Tonye Patano, who plays the character "Aretha."

    All in all, a good trip - in fact, Sue, are you up for a road trip to Cleveland? Hmmm, I wonder if seeing the show twice will officially make me a "groupie."

    Take care everyone!


  • At 6:43 AM, November 21, 2006 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    Thanks Dave and Sue for coming to the show!! And yes, I can indeed leap up on the piano in a single bound. That's part of the job!

    Hope your week is going excellent and thanks agian to everyone for all the wonderful thoughts on this extended post!



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