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Friday, March 21, 2008


I want to know!

What are your TOP FIVE favorite movies of all time? (In order) What was it about each one that made you remember it and like it so much?

All Things Possible!!


  • At 12:58 PM, March 21, 2008 , Anonymous Ute said...

    Hello and Happy Easter to you all!

    Hope your weather isn't too bad where you are. We are having some April weather with rain and hail and snow and sunshine.

    Wow, Chris, that is a tough question. I don't think I can put an order to them, as I like them for different reasons.

    The movies I can think of spontaneously are "The Abyss - Director's Cut", because it is just a great story with phantastic actors and a good message, and I still have that sense of wonder today, seing the water beings --keeping in mind that this movie was made when CGI was a new revolutionary thing! And my favourite Bond of all times: "Licence to Kill" - it has the most realistic story of them all to date and the most spectacular stunts that I have ever seen - and Robert Davi is such an outstanding villain. I think this is one of the movies I have seen most often.
    Can I count "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy as one? *laugh* I mean, that story is basically just your good vs. evil story but at the same time it is so much more, not to mention the phantastic cast and crew and sets and locations etc.

    Hm, I guess I need some time to come up with more favourites. It's hard to chose, there are so many good ones out there.

    Big hugs to you all!


  • At 9:19 AM, March 22, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Okay, I'll play!

    1. "The Incredibles" - Brad Bird just "gets" me. This is the ultimate superhero movie in my eyes.
    2. "Disney's Beauty and the Beast" - perfect animated feature and perfect musical.
    3. "Aliens" - not to be confused with the original Alien. Sci-Fi and Horror put together in one exciting package.
    4. "Superman" - the man of steel has never been portrayed with more grandeur and simplicity.
    5. "Gone with the Wind" - as far as I am concerned, the original and the best "epic" film.

    and for honorary mention two movies that didn't quite make it to the big screen - "George of the Jungle 2," because Chris is in it and "Moontrap" because I'm in it!

    Now, I want to point out that you didn't ask for what we considered the best movies of all time - just our favorites. A couple of these would be on my best list, too.

    Also, my personal movie collection exceeds over 300 films so I just picked the first five that came to mind thinking that those would most likely be my favorites. But in reality, I'm sure this list could change with my mood.

    Okay - who's going next? This is fun and interesting!


  • At 2:47 PM, March 22, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I agree with Dave that the list is subject to change with mood. These are the ones that popped into my head in no particular order.

    Lord of the Rings trilogy
    On Golden Pond: Fonda/Hepburn classic
    A River Runs Through It-scenery
    Rooster Cogburn/Hatari- favorite John Wayne films
    Young Frankenstein- when I need a laugh

    Happy Easter


  • At 5:42 PM, March 22, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Last minute Easter wishes to everyone, too. This is a fun topic...Dave, Tim, Chris, Ute. Postponed an Easter trip to Cincinnati for a day due to snow clipper between us and there, where our daughter is. Thought perhaps I could express wishes for forum family thoughts and prayers for her and lifelong friends whose baby girl is at Children's Hospital there. She's come up that far from VA to help look after the older brother while the parents are with the baby...undergoing a hopefully life-saving operation. So spending Easter with her and since she's a movie fan as much as you all...I'll ask her. I always love seeing which movies are people's favorites. Dave, you were in a movie? Tell us more!! Meanwhile, hope everyone who saw the last topic is coming along well on that aspect of your life. We all have such beautiful stories to tell about our search for our life purpose. We'll have to catch up with that again in a few weeks...and get some updates. I have the book I'll let you know my thoughts. Much appreciation to Chris for sharing. More when I get back... All Things Beautiful on Easter and always...Sue

  • At 8:06 PM, March 25, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Sue (and everyone else who may be interested),
    Yes, I was in a movie (the aforementioned "Moontrap") as an uncredited extra - along with many members of my community theatre group. The film was being shot in Monroe, Michigan and the producers came to us to provide extras. I was fortunate enough to get quite a bit of screen time and worked next to the principle actor of the scenes I was in. However, the film, though produced and aired on HBO, TBS, and other stations, never made it to the big screen and this was pre-DVD days when the VHS market was just taking off. So, you could actually rent the movie for a while but I don't know if you could actually buy it. The film also, unfortunately, wasn't very good - but it did star Walter Koenig (of "Star Trek" fame) and I did get to meet him at the premier. It was a fun day, I learned a lot about filming a movie and the lunch they provided was pretty good. I would do it again if the opportunity arose.

    BTW, the snow is melting today - I sure hope this is the last of it for the season. But I have a feeling it's not!

  • At 2:50 PM, March 26, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    I just did a quick search of Ebay and Amazon and you can get plenty of copies of Moontrap at both places. Can't be that bad a movie as the prices are mid range.

    As far as snow. Ours was totally gone until last Friday when we got dumped on....again. Starting to melt off but we are looking at another couple of inches tonight and or tomorrow. Thankfully the crocus are in full bloom and the tulips and other early sring flowers are fighting their way above the snow. The snow shovel has been put away in the shed and I dragged the mower out to give it it's spring tuneup. I am officially done with winter.


  • At 4:42 PM, March 26, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ha! I never thought of searching ebay or Amazon - but I found the same thing you did. But notice that it isn't on DVD. If anyone should by the film look for me in the control room - I'm the skinny (at least back then) guy who laughs at the bad joke the speaking actor gives and the one he motions to when it's time to get to "work." I appartently looked more "NASA" than the others in the film that day.

    It got to 50+ degrees (F) here today. But if you have snow predicted for tomorrow I shudder to think what that might mean for us...

    But, back to the topic, I was right - my list does change depending on my mood. I'm going to take off "Gone with the Wind," my previous number 5, and replace it with "Mystery Men!" One the best superhero spoof movies without seeming like a spoof around. The scene when two Wonder Women start fighting is a real laugh-riot for us comic book fanboys. You'll notice one Wonder Woman has the traditional black hair and the other is a red-head. Well, this movie was filmed during a time when in the comics Wonder Woman was replaced by her red-haired Amazon "sister." I still laugh whenever I see this movie!


  • At 9:50 PM, March 26, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Hi everyone...just for the record, we're done with winter, too. Although we're slated to have the same weather you're talking about, Tim. At least the tulips are poking through for you. Heard this was sixth snowiest winter?

    Not sure what to update on baby Catherine. It was so great to see our daughter (playing "nanny" role for 3-year-old Christian). She'd come up from Virginia to the Children's Hospital there, rated as one of the best. The family was staying at Ronald McDonald House. Just want to say thanks for your thoughts and prayers. And I hope to write good news. The funny thing was she and the baby's dad have known each other since nursery school, and their little boy reminded us of him at that age. He was best friends with her husband, too, and best man at their wedding.

    I confess I didn't get my five movies down yet...nor hers...later, hopefully. We've been thinking about it and will report back. Meanwhile, I have to say that we really enjoyed "Amazing Grace" with Ioan Gruffudd. Just saw that, finally. Really like him as Lord Hornblower. If you haven't seen it yet, I recommend it, especially with the hope to raise consciousness about modern slave trade going on still.
    I think some of you were talking about it last year.

    Dave, thanks for the great story about your movie! That was awesome...and hope to see it sometime!
    You reminded me of the current push to get filmmakers to come to Michigan now...hint, hint...right?
    Well, the forum family can have fun imagining ATP, anyway....Sue

  • At 1:19 AM, March 27, 2008 , Anonymous Clint Morris said...

    1. "St Elmo's Fire" - could relate to it, friends going their separate ways after school etc. But more so, just a big fan of 'the brat pack'.

    2. "The Hunt for Red October" - The best of the Tom Clancy novels cum movies. Loved Baldwin as Jack Ryan. Gets better with every viewing.

    3. "Die Hard"- The best action film of all time, no butts about it.

    4. "The Player" - if you're a producer and you HAVEN'T seen this, what are you doing?! This is the cinematic bible of the cut-throat filmmaking business.

    5. "Back to the Future"- need no explanation.

    Also LOVE : "Mulholland Drive", "Young Guns", "Almost Famous", "Planes, Trains and Automobiles", "The Empire Strikes Back", "Can't Buy Me Love", "Endless Love", "The Breakfast Club", "Office Space", "Pulp Fiction", "Rules of Attraction", "Say Anything"...

    Clint Morris

  • At 1:20 PM, March 28, 2008 , Blogger ufuk_kirtis said...

    Hello everyone


    this movie touched to my being heart and soul.. i related it so much to Sufism.. i also loved everything else in the movie especialy the marshall art

    2.Matrix( i love it so much that giving it two place :)

    3.Good Will Hunting

    loved the script.. but mostly the two dialog scenes i can watch many times with big pleasure.. one when robin william says to matt damon that "this is not your fault" many times and two the scene with ben affleck at the constraction site close to end where he says that i will kill you if you are still here after 20 years..

    4. Spy game

    the way robert retford pulled the operaiton was excellent.. and all it was for a friend.. when they rescued brad pitt and his girl friend in the helicopter he hears the name of the rescue operation and realized who did it..that really is doing something for some one..

    4. Fight club

    4.Sin city

    despite the disturbing violance it is in my list because of its originality

    i like to add that George of the Jungle 2 has a very special place since that is how i got to know you dear Chris..

    i also think that Broadback Mountain is one of he best love stories ever..the best of the recent years.. it will be so hard to watch though due to the loss of Heath Ledger..

    i hope you are all well


  • At 3:15 AM, March 29, 2008 , Anonymous Ute said...

    Hi guys,

    wow, some good movies there. I also love "The Incredibles", "Die Hard" and "Back to the Future" I also like "Hunt for Red October" a lot, though only the film, not the book so much.

    Another one I would like to add to my list is "Lady Hawk" - it's just such a wonderful story and I love to watch it again and again.

    By the way, Chris, what are your Top 5 movies? ;)

    Cool that you were in Moontrap, Dave. I think that was on here on TV a couple of times. I'll keep an eye out for the next rerun!

    Wishing you all a great weekend. The sun's coming out here and we'll get about 10°C, so not too bad.

    Big hugs to you all!


  • At 10:43 PM, March 29, 2008 , Anonymous Linds said...

    Well, this is going to show how long it's been since I've been IN a theater watching a movie. However, my life is turning INTO one so what the heck, there's my excuse,, onto business...
    1. Annie~I am such a girly girl, which I wholeheartedly admit. The spunkyness and her never give up, at least not for very long attitude was and still is inspirational to me.
    2. The Prince of Egypt~ Since my father and his wife have actually BEEN there several times and I've seen the movies they took and the pics, I can honestly tell you the scenery in the movie is exactly what that area is like, so either someone did some SERIOUS research or they have visited the area themselves.
    3. White Oleander~ Yep, I like "dark" movies too and I'd never seen Michelle Pffiefer as a cold hearted witch, but wow! LOL. I've always been a fan of hers.
    4. The Ultimate Gift~ It's 2 years old but I just found it and rented it. The message in this movie is incredible. It's sweet but not sappy in my opinion and Abigail Breslin is a HOOT!
    5. Stardust~ I'm not much into mythical like movies but the special effects in this movie kicked butt! LOL. Claire Danes was fabulous in this! Oh yeah and Michelle P....again with her yes, I know, but they ACTUALLY made her look U-G-L-Y and I just about fell on the floor in the theater because I did NOT think that was possible.

  • At 8:16 PM, March 30, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Hello everyone...I'll try to slip this in before you all start talking about April Fool's Day! Wonderful posts and it's great to see all the excited participation on the forum.

    My husband's five:
    1 - Open Range...because of the line, "You won't be laughin' when you're all shot to hell 'n dyin'!"
    2. - Master and Commander...because I love O'Brian's books.
    3. - Sea Biscuit...because it's a great story.
    4. - No Country for Old Men...because it's sooooo scary!
    5. - Madagascar...because I like to "move it, move it, move it"!

    And mine (we don't get graded on this, do we?)
    1. - Dr. Zhivago...because I love Omar Sharif and because it's "our song." Good to see Julie Christie nominated for Oscar this year.
    2. - Sound of inspiring at an age when I needed inspiring
    3. - Star Wars epic for our time and for our family growing up
    4. - Back to the Future...on the cutting edge of space/time thoughts (kind of like BTSATS) and family favorite
    5. - Joyeux Noel...a beautiful window on the humanity of man in wartime. Besides, it's French. And a friend of mine knew I'd like it.

    In the manner of Star Wars, I'd add Star Trek, E.T, and Close Encounters of a Third Kind as personal favorites. I also enjoy Master and Commander. New movies? I loved the Kite Runner. Speaking of kites, and as for Disney... I loved Mary Poppins Dick Van Dyke.

    It's springtime Tim, Dave...the glacier is finally receding from our yard..."Let's go fly a kite!" ATB/P...Sue

  • At 9:45 AM, April 03, 2008 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    Excellent Choices! Yes, it's a really difficult if not impossible question for us movie lovers to whittle down everything you've ever seen into your top 5 (or even top 10) favorites. Mine continue to change as well. Everyone's list made me think of another favorite of mine as I read yours.

    Dave, I'm a huge fan of Incredibles director/writer Brad Bird as well. My #1 all time favorite animated movie is his earlier "The Iron Giant".

    Tim, I'm a big fan of John Wayne movies as well. I will have to watch Rooster Cogburn now - which I believe, along with True Grit, was one of his final movies, right?

    Clint, well I guess I better get to watching The Player, eh? Couldn't agree more about Die Hard. I really liked this last one a lot. What was your take on it?

    Ufuk, I love that Matrix made the #1 AND #2 spot on your list. I agree that it is an awesome movie visually and profound story as well. In fact, it is one of the very few movies I have ever gone out and bought. I'd have to say that is one of my all time favorites as well. I commonly refer to "The Matrix" now when refering to the apperance of things.

    Hey Linds, great to hear from you. We just saw The Ultimate Gift not that long ago. Did you know the author is completely blind? Great behind-the-scenes footage on that movie as well. And really nice to see Brian Dennehy doing great work.

    Sue, thanks for both your lists. I very much agree with your husband on both Open Range (if you're a western fan, definitely check out this movie) and of course, No Country. Your list reminded me that Dr. Zhivago remains possibly the best epic movie ever. I think it's on every top 100 list ever and it's my mom's favorite movie as well.

    Just off the top of my head at the moment, I'd say:

    #1. Life Is Beautiful
    The Notebook
    The Iron Giant
    Lonesome Dove - (the miniseries)
    and about 130 movies vying for the #5 spot.

    Feel free to chim in if you think of any more movies. Maybe we should expand it to the top 10 or Top Dozen because I'm finding out 5 is impossible!

    All Things Possible!
    (with the possible exception of narrowing down your favorite movies to 5)

  • At 12:12 PM, April 03, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Hi Chris and everyone...just saw this. Thanks for taking time (not so easy a task) to think of your five favorites. When I asked my daughter, she laughed, figuring it was impossible to list only five. They love movies so much. Even ten would be hard. I'll ask her again, maybe when I get an update on baby Catherine that I said I'd write back about. She was scheduled to be on a med-flight home yesterday.
    We liked Matrix too. And I've been thinking a lot that way, as well.
    Maybe it's a good thing to take time to reflect on favorite films. Because we'd all probably agree we wouldn't be participating on this forum if we didn't have an idea of the power of films in our lives. You never know when someone might suggest just the right one to speak to your own life situation or just plain enjoy for fun. It's been fun seeing what everyone has posted.
    Fun, too, that it's 70 degrees here today, and still a sliver of glacier in our yard! ATP...Sue

  • At 4:53 PM, April 03, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Chris
    The Shootist was the last film that John Wayne made. I couldn't remember what year so I looked it up and that was 1976. It has been so long since I have seen it that I had forgotten who all was in that movie. What a great cast. Jimmy Stewart, Lauren Bacall, Hugh O'Brian, John Carradine and more. I'll have to watch that one again.

    Well, I'm flying down to Austin Friday evening to go hiking. It will be the last chance I get to get away until September.

    Sue, I'll take pictures.


  • At 8:41 PM, April 03, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Rooster Cogburn...John Wayne and Katherine Hepburn - could it get any better than those two on the screen? Okay, maybe Katherine and Henry Fonda...Cary Grant...gee her movies could make a top five list all by themselves! And I hadn't forgotten about "Iron Giant" but I could only list five - I think your idea of a top 10 or more might be the only way to go. By the way, did anyone else see "Horton Hears a Who?" What a nice film that was. I was worried going in but smiling when I came out!

    Sue - not quite 70 here today but I'm off to Las Vegas again on Saturday (I know, for someone who claims not to like "sin city" I end up going there a lot) so I'm sure I'll be warm enough for a few days. But I'm not planning to do any hiking, Tim. I did enough of that last month when I was in Phoenix...they have these "mountain" parks right in the city!

    Take care all! Keeping making more things possible every day.


  • At 3:13 AM, April 04, 2008 , Anonymous Jaschenka said...

    Hello dear Forum Family.
    It's been far too long again since my last visit- or I should say my last post, because my visits are quite regular. I just don't get around to posting.

    Tim, I have to give a belated comment on your pictures in the previous topic- love your doggies! Give them all a big hug from me, well done on the competitions. Sue, I hope the thought of a lot of people out here sending best wishes to baby Catherine is somewhat reassuring to her and her family. Hope the recovery continues in a prosperous way.

    All others: wonderful insights on favourite movies. Like we all seem to find out, it's basically impossible to make a top five. For me anyway. Since movie is such a mood-related medium it depends a lot on the circumstances which movie will get first place I suppose. I'll try to do an overall view of mine with some comments.
    (Ute- for a minute there I thought you forgot your beloved 'Lady Hawk' in your first post! Rutger Hauer and Michelle Pfeiffer in the early days, you gotta love that.)

    Okay, I have a weak spot for fantasy (in case you haven't noticed) and anything pointy eared. Add lovely costumes to that, great scenery, amazing special effects I mention pointy ears? First place in my top five goes to the entire
    Lord of the Rings trilogy. Extended versions, marathon view, with extras.

    Digging into my memory I come up with a shared second place for two fantasy (sorry) movies that basically triggered my addiction in that area. (and yes, I am grateful for that) So- both 'Labyrinth' and 'Willow' on second base.

    More fond memories in a golden oldie that reflects my love for music and dance. I guess I could place the entire genre in this spot, which I call the 'Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire era'.
    'Singing in the Rain' is third place.

    Somewhat of a cult movie that made a big impression on me, because of it's great acting, dramatic storyline and raw footage. 'Requiem for a Dream' comes in fourth.

    Last but not least a more recent movie that most of you will know. A great film based on a book with an intricate subject. How on earth do you make a movie about scent? Well- like this! 'The Perfume', fifth place.

    And a honorary mention for a small released, unusual film that touched my heart. A story about prejudice and people. 'Powder', with an outstanding performance of Mr Sean Patrick Flannery. Let's make that five-and-half-place.

    I am way behind on watching all that's playing in the theatres right now and I am not even able to catch up on all that I was planning to catch up on that is now out on DVD! I need a twin sister to watch my movies for me.
    If anyone is interested in what I've been doing besides jobhunting and the regular every day life stuff- check here for my latest costume (first top six 'Eire'pics).

    Happy moviewatching everyone and All Things Possible! (this IS Hollywood after all!)
    Elvish greetz, Be Inspired!

  • At 4:43 AM, April 04, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    You MUST watch "The Player".

    Didn't mind LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD - but it didn't feel very DIE HARD to me. I didn't appreciate it that they turned John McClane into some kind of terminator.. or superhero.. in the original film he's simply a "normal guy" that "cries" when he cuts his feet ;) in the latest one he jumps from a truck to a jet-plane without breaking a sweat... that ain't that same guy.


  • At 7:41 AM, April 04, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Have a great weekend everyone. Just checking in to wish Tim and Dave safe travels...and I'll post again later...enjoying all the thoughtful movie notes. Lots to add to our list! Sue

  • At 10:18 AM, April 04, 2008 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    I forgot to mention and I was reminded a couple of times since, re: UTE, that LADYHAWK is a particular favorite of mine as well, namely because I'm a huge fan of Rutger Hauer.

    And nice to see you in here again Jaschenka! Per your "pointy ear" favorites, I had almost completely forgotten how much I loved Willow. Then just yesterday, someone had a copy of it on set. Then you mention it here as your #2 - amazing!

    Hope you all have a great weekend and safe travels to all you guys who are getting away for a bit.

    All Things Possible!

  • At 3:49 AM, April 06, 2008 , Anonymous Ute said...

    Hi everyone,

    Clint, I know what you mean about Die Hard 4.0, but I still liked it a lot, because of the humour.

    Jaschenka, thanks for reminding me of Willow, I had totally forgotten about that one. Great film!

    Chris, I think the more we start thinking about it, the more films we will come up with. Here are a few more of my favourites: "Ghostbusters", "The Mask of Zorro" - adventure like it should be, "Dragonheart", "Crouching Tiger-Hidden Dragon", "Cyrano de Bergerac" (Gerard Depardieu), "Peter's Friends" (Kenneth Branagh, Hugh Laurie, Stephen Fry, Emma Thompson) - awesome little movie, "Flashback" (Dennis Hopper, Kiefer Southerland), Mr. North (Anthony Edwards, Robert Mitchum, Lauren Bacall). I also love the mini-series "The Count of Monte Christo" with Gerard Depardieu - superb!

    Oh, and no one mentioned "Pirates of the Carribean"... I love Captain Jack Sparrow! ;)

    Have a great weekend you all!

    Big hugs to you


  • At 2:38 PM, April 07, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    After rereading all the posts I was like "oh yeah..forgot about that one...and that one so there are a lot of movies to be watched again.

    I had a gerat time in Austin this past weekend. 80 degrees and very sunny. The word of the weekend was sunscreen and I quickly found the places that I missed. It was non stop action. Saturday we hopped on bikes and rode into Austin proper to do all sorts of things. It is festival time with lots of music, food and games.

    We also marched on the capital to protest the Trans Texas Corridor which is basically a super highway that is going to cut through the state from the mexican border to Oklahoma. Eventually it would link up to other super highways in the future. I don't know as much as I should but I guess I am opposed to people losing their land for the profit of a few.

    We also went to the Texas Relay track and Field event. Talk about awesome. There were a lot of olympic hopefuls there. The human animal is an amazing creature. It was mind blowing what these people have accomplished, how fast they run, how high they jump (7'7") or polevault (17 feet). You can not appreciate it watching it on TV. You just can't get the scope of it.

    On Sunday we went hiking and then went to the Austin showing of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. This was a bunch of short films anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes long following various individuals rock climbing, mountain biking, base jumping (jumping off high cliffs and free falling)and other "extreme" activities. All the films that we saw were award winning productions from the Banff Film Festival in Canada. Again, the human animal is amazing. While this is not the movie, the following link is Ryan Leech doing what he does

    All in all had a gerat weekend.


  • At 5:14 AM, April 08, 2008 , Blogger clint said...

    Yes, Rutger Hauer is terrific. If any of you haven't seen the great RH in "The Hitcher" or "Blind Fury" - put them both on top of your Netflix today.

  • At 8:30 PM, April 08, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Hello forum family...
    I'm back to thank everyone for thoughts and prayers for baby Catherine, as I'd said I'd bring you back an update. She's just a year old this month and has undergone multiple ordeals in her brief life already, including heart surgery earlier... and this was trachea surgery. Other issues are sight and hearing to be dealt with later, with more immediate issues of eating (now via port) and breathing (on a ventilator). She arrived at her home hospital in Fairfax safely via med flight last week, and her parents (her father is la ifelong friend of our daughter and son-in-law) are undergoing training to care for her at home, although she will still require a nurse 24/7. Given the circumstances, she seems to be doing miraculously well, and they'll go back to Children's Hospital in Cincinnati in three months. Our daughter, who stayed with the family to look after their three-year-old son for a couple of weeks at Easter time, hopes that more people will recognize the role of Ronald McDonald House programs. The family was able to stay there during the weeks baby Catherine was hospitalized. That particular RMcDonald House will be the 4th largest (of 270 worldwide) once an expansion is completed, and it currently is the largest to serve a single hospital.

    So if you're into saving pop-tabs while watching all those movies, please keep on doing so.. There is usually some church or organization that collects them for RMcDonald Houses. The tabs are recycled, generating funds to offset RMcDonald House expenses and helping more families to stay there.

    I had read a beautiful article in Newsweek before we went to Cincinnati, written by a man about the amazing effect of the Internet and E-mails when his wife was ill. That's what gave me the idea to write on the forum, knowing that many more thoughts and prayers would wing their way around the world because of the "all things possible" intention here, and by all of you who post.

    Tim...glad you had a wonderful trip to Austin and are safely home and inspired! I have dial-up, so hard to view video., but I'll look forward to your photos. Friends of ours are in love with Austin for all the arts and cultural action there and plan to move there eventually.
    The film festivals they have sound like fun.

    It's great having even more films to add to our Netflix...although this is an area we probably can't say ATP? But, we can try. I'm wondering now, after hearing of the death of Charlton Heston, which of his movies (his fansite calls him a Renaissance Man) are your favorites. I have to confess I'm old enough to remember the epic films: The Ten Commandments and Ben-Hur. But what others do you like?

    Enjoying all the film input here. Also, wondering about the new films post Oscar! ATB everyone...Sue

  • At 11:15 AM, April 13, 2008 , Anonymous Ute said...

    Hi everyone,

    if you like great cinema, don't miss "The Red Baron" - WOW!!!
    I just saw it and I must say I haven't seen such a great film in a long time.

    Yesterday I watched a newer version of The Posidon Adventure, incidently with Rutger Hauer. I thought it was quite good for a remake, they kept a lot of things from the original and managed the leap into modern times quite well. When I looked up the title (the German title was Posidon Attack) I noticed that Rutger Hauer's birthday is the same as mine, how cool! (Not the same year, though)

    Have a great Sunday everyone!

    Big hugs,


  • At 7:05 AM, April 14, 2008 , Anonymous Charissa said...

    Hello Christopher
    My name is Charissa Cannon I am from South Africa but I was born in the U.S.A. been here for a very long time just saw George of the Jungle 2 here on Etv the 13/04/08 just loved the movie hope to see more of you in the movies I have just become your fan so you see your movies come all around the world.
    Regards Charissa Cannon

  • At 8:19 PM, April 14, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Speaking of you making more movies - didn't I see at something recently about you being cast in another role?


  • At 8:21 PM, April 14, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Oops - I made a gross error, I of course meant:


    not ".com" my apologies to Clint for goofing so badly!

  • At 9:37 PM, April 14, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Hi everyone...Dave, I think you're right...someone must be very busy with ATP...hope we fans will be the first to hear of any supernova happenings.

    I meant to comment earlier. You really ARE a fan of Katherine Hepburn! BTW...what new movies do you recommend? Thought one was coming out the 18th, my husband's birthday, but can't remember what one. Indiana Jones is debuting on mine....hmmm.

    Before the topic changes, I'd like to say "hello" to Charissa from South Africa. It's exciting to see the forum lighting up! It's really a planetary is GOTJ2, of course.

    We just saw "Into the Wild." What did you think of it? We were spell-bound...and Emile Hirsch made us think of our son. The film made me feel grateful that things have turned out well for him. There but for the grace of God could go any parent's child. OK...enough being nostalgic or whatever...but it was a wonderful film, don't you think? And Dave, Chris, did you ever see Kiterunner yet? Another good one.

    ATB and ATP to all...Sue

  • At 10:02 PM, April 14, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yes I would like to know if you are single you take my breath away.
    Regards Charissa Cannon

  • At 10:07 PM, April 14, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hello Christopher
    It's Charissa here again I would like to tell you I also have a another name that I use on some of my other sites and you have gussed it it's Ladyhawk as well.
    Just become a fan of yours.
    Charissa Cannon

  • At 5:38 AM, April 18, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Happy weekend everyone...Tim, wondering if you felt the earthquake...hope all is well. Weather ideal here, so enjoying. I remembered the movie for today. How could I forget? Jackie Chan, of course. Won't get to see it on opening, so hope someone will report back with a review! Sue

  • At 12:39 PM, April 18, 2008 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    Ahhh, so many movies, so little time! Thanks all so much for chiming in here! I'll pose the question again in a couple of months and we'll likely all have different answers.

    Welcome Charissa/Ladyhawk. Thanks so much for your support - all the way from South Africa!!

    Hey Sue, I finally got a chance to see Kite Runner. Wow, what a great movie. Heartbreaking and emotionally complex. Good suggestion.

    You guys had an earthquake in the Midwest? The ground has been nice and stable here in quake-prone California. Enjoy this great weather!

    All Things Possible,

  • At 2:52 PM, April 18, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hi All
    Yes "we" had an earthquake in the southern part of the state but I didn't feel it. I live in the northern part near Rockford so other than bitter cold, snow and the occasional tornado, we miss all of the fun.

    I was in LA once when they had a major earthquake and it is probably the most humbling feeling I have ever had. The sound that comes from the earth is awesome and it seems to come from everywhere. I joke that it was the one attraction that I didn't have to pay for or wait in line to ride. As long as I knew I was absolutely safe, I would go through it again. It was an incredible experience.


  • At 11:28 PM, April 19, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    And the quake was felt quite a ways away. My niece was woken up by it here in Michigan. None of the rest of the family felt anything in any of our homes, but we realized she is the only one with a bedroom on the second floor and maybe the house swayed a little more up there.

    Just a little extra excitment in the midwest this week - but at least the weather is nice now!


  • At 2:57 PM, April 20, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Hi Chris and forum family,

    Glad you got to see Kite Runner...besides the story, I loved the beautiful kite scenes. We saw There Will Be Blood (now on Netflix) and have to say, neither of us were raving about it. Although enjoyed Daniel Day Lewis' performance. Don't know why I liked Kite Runner so much, as of course, it is violent in ways, as well. Of course, I read the book first, so maybe that's why.

    Tim, Dave...thanks for the earthquake comments. My husband just started working at the state park near here, where he worked during summers while teaching...and one of the employees said he had felt the quake. He was just up getting ready for work. Had we been up, wonder if we'd have felt it. Thought I heard it was the most major for the New Madrid fault in 40 years.

    My new Entertainment Weekly highlights all the summer movies...lots of choices...100 movies! if we're not too busy to get to the theater. Always appreciate the recommendations here on the forum, just because there ARE so many movies, and there IS so little time! Do you ever get the feeling that time is speeding up? Now, there's a subject for you to ponder. Especially, when you start dreaming of those elusive "lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer"!

    Well, here's an early wish for lots of those...and may they be beautiful, too! Sue

  • At 8:57 PM, April 22, 2008 , Anonymous Linds said...

    Chris~ YES! On the DVD before it started he came on and it was obvious he was blind which just goes to show that no matter what your limitations are (or what you THINK they are) you can still achieve...come know it's coming!!....ALL THINGS POSSIBLE!!! :-D PS. The makeup artist who did your work for your newest movie is dang good! You're tagged in a few of my myspace pics. The offer's open if you wanna borrow my scar pics I have up in case some character you play has to have brain surgery....LOL....I'm just sayin'..... Okay it's midnight here on the East coast in the middle of nowhere so I'm about to turn into a pumpkin. Later all! Hope all is well with everyone! ~Linds

  • At 6:31 AM, April 23, 2008 , Anonymous Jaschenka said...

    Hey all.
    A quick little note to inform you we will vanish from this side of the planet into a world of LARP for a couple of days, starting this weekend. Ute, my mom, and I are travelling to Cork, Ireland for some fun&fantasy and of course we'll tell you all about it when we get back.
    To let you in on just how freaky we are- here's some pics I took last weekend at a Dutch event, the Elf Fantasy Fair.

    Hope no more earthquakes will shake your world, and have a magical week you all! Now, I need to go pack my broomstick.

    Till soon. Elvish greetz and Be Inspired!

  • At 9:56 PM, April 24, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Hi everyone....
    Wow, what wonderful fun with the forum posts about movies. With so little time, will you be able to fit in all those summer blockbusters?
    My Entertainment Weekly has a great cover with Harrison Ford and 100 movies to pick from...ha...hope to get to some of them, but they may have to wait for winter and Netflix. Unless a certain movie by a certain person who hosts this forum should happen to be in the theaters. That could be an exception.

    I'm with Jaschenka and Ute at the moment...well, not WITH them...although I'd like to be. That sounds like great fun. Tim, did you go to Ireland or just England? I plan to vanish for awhile, as well. I'm off to a week-long retreat designed to nurture your creative spirit. It's in the Blue Ridge Mountains of there'll be computer and cell phone withdrawal, I'm sure. It's on to our daughter's in MD before flying home. Who knows what amazing discoveries await will be a stretch for me...I like this quote from Deepak...seems to fit...not only the topics on the forum over the past several months, but what I'm doing on a personal level in regard to some of those topics...

    "The deepest hunger in life is a secret that is revealed only when a person is willing to unlock a hidden part of the self. In the ancient traditions of wisdom, this quest as been likened to diving for the most precious pearl in existence, a poetic way of saying that you have to swim far out beyond shallow waters, plunge deep into yourself, and search patiently until the pearl beyond price is found." --Deepak Chopra

    Thanks for the magical wishes, Jashenka...guess we'll have a lot to report when we return from our escapades! Sue

  • At 7:00 PM, April 30, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Looks like everyone went off on a vacation/retreat/adventure as this forum has been quiet for a few days.

    So - is everyone looking forward to the kickoff of the summer "blockbuster" season that by most accounts begins this weekend with the US opening of "Iron Man" the latest in Marvel comics based movies? This year's season seems to have a lot of superheroes and comic book or cartoon based movies (Iron Man, a new Hulk, Batman, Speed Racer, and I think I'm forgetting one or two...).

    Have an ATP weekend at the movies or where ever you end up! I'll be at the both the movies and the theatre this weekend myself.



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