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Friday, June 06, 2008

Summer Fun

Hey All!

Summer seems to be upon us again. The blockbuster season is in full bloom, travel prices have gone skyward, and the smell of BBQ and sunscreen fill the air. What fun plans do you have in the works for the summer? As always, if you have some great vacation pics you'd like to share, send them to our email here so I can share them on the site!

All Things Possible!

PS: I found this movie to be wildly thought provoking. You might want to check it out (for free!):


  • At 2:20 PM, June 07, 2008 , Blogger Thomas said...

    Wow Chris i watched this movie. I don't want to believe any of it is true. wow its really scarry,. I think. Its the best horror film ever produced cause the scarry thing is it may all be true. I sure hope not. Very thought provoking and it makes you not want to trust anything you hear from the media. It is amazing though how things can be slanted to view a point as truth or fiction. Thank God I'm entrenched in my faith that God does exist. Without that I would be lost. I have read other books in the past such as when your money fails i forget who wrote it and in that they spoke of similer things that were going to happen such as bar codes under the skin in your hand so that you are scanned for all purchases and no longer will there be currency as we know it. This books slant was written by someone who beleived the devel has returned and that this would be the mark of the beast as in revelations. i read that a long time ago. well some of it is true in the respect of using credit and debit card i to thnk it will only be a matter of time before we know longer use money. We have direct deposit on line bill pay and such. You think about it, there isn't much you can do know without it. I thought of those people in florida and more than that i think of the dog breeders that now put a micro chip under the dogs skin and can track the dog and find out who owns it. I have a freind who breeds dogs and they put one in each dog. So its not far off that wewill be required to have this as well i can see it. Oh well I dont want to think to much about it as it can be depressing. But i also don't want to become complacent and allow this to happen either.

    Good call to watch it but i caution people if your easily swayed watch it with an open mind as with any media. Who really knows what the truth is unless we delve into it ourselves and make our own conclusions right or wrong. This is just my opinion thanks Chris for putting it out there. Tommy


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