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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Korczak Ziolkowski

"When the legends die, the dreams end.
When the dreams end, there is no more greatness."

- Korczak Ziolkowski (1908 - 1982)

I had no idea that there was any other epic monument carved into the black hills of South Dakota besides Mt. Rushmore. And I had definitely never heard of Korczack Ziolkowski when I checked out a documentary from my college library in the late 80's about Crazy Horse. Ever since seeing that documentary, I have been inspired by this Polish sculptor named Korczak who's spirit dwarfed his astoundingly ambitious vision.

Korczak was born in Boston and orphaned at the age of one. His talents as an artist developed quickly. After being a ship builder and furniture maker, he took first prize for a bust of Paderewski in the 1939 world fair. That same year, he became the assistant to Gutzom Borglum, the sculptor and visionary behind Mt. Rushmore. With his growing reputation, he was sought out by Chief Henry Standing Bear to create a similar memorial in the sacred Black Hills to let the white man know that the red man has heroes too. They agreed upon a tribute to Crazy Horse, an Indian warrior who died in captivity in breach of a truce with the white invaders.

Korczak originally planned on creating a monument 100 feet tall - a full 40 feet taller than the gargantuan 60 ft. tall presidential heads of Mt. Rushmore. After all, there were 400 workers working on Rushmore for 14 years, and there was only one man working on Crazy Horse. But once he got started in 1948, somehow, he decided that he was going to carve the whole mountain. The ENTIRE mountain. One man, a not so dependable air compressor, and a 741 stair commute to work, Korczak Ziolkowski commenced on an effort that was so huge, he knew it would take GENERATIONS to complete.

His fearlessness and passion to do the impossible was so inspiring to me that I started to believe that all things really were possible. This man's conviction in the face of a general consensus that he was a lunatic for attempting this feat, his unwavering focus on his goal while fully knowing that he would not live to see the completed work, and his gentle mountain man encouragement to everyone else who has a dream, made him a towering icon in my own pantheon of heroes.

Notice the archway, about 4 MILES in front of the Crazy horse monument,
that encourages "Never Forget your Dreams"

So my amazing girlfriend, in celebration of my 40 birthday (that you all have so kindly reminded me about), took me on a mystery trip recently where we ended up at this magical place that represents in my mind the best qualities of the human spirit - fortitude, integrity, passion, focus, adventure, fearlessness, and inspiration. The Crazy Horse monument is simply staggering in person. The head of crazy horse is large enough to enclose ALL OF MT. RUSHMORE!! Though very much a work in progress, to date they have moved over 9 MILLION tons of rock. And though Korczak died about a decade before I had ever heard of him, his family continues work on his monumental monument with the benefit of modern equipment and the financial support of the interested public. (Though he was offered $10 Million dollars on two different occasions from the US Government to aid in the completion of his project, Korczak refused the money as he wanted it to be funded entirely by the "Interested Public".) No one has any idea how much longer it will be before the monument is completed. It will likely be decades - maybe even generations from now. But one thing is for sure, it will be completed. Because even though this movement began by one man, over sixty years ago, working alone for many years on a rock so big that progress has to be measured in tons and decades, it is still fueled by such epic passion that makes all things possible and a faith that lives on - to literally move mountains.

All Things Possible!


  • At 5:06 PM, June 16, 2011 , Blogger Tim said...

    How cool is that? I knew about the Crazy Horse monument but not the story behind it. Thanks for sharing. I also think it totally awesome that you were taken on a mystery trip. What a neat idea to celebrate such a "monumental" occasion as your 40th. Happy Birthday!

  • At 7:24 PM, June 16, 2011 , Blogger Tanya said...

    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for sharing this amazing story. I can’t believe I have never heard it, being an avid outdoorsman. As of late, I have lost some of my faith in the human qualities that you mentioned “fortitude, integrity (most of all), passion, focus, adventure, fearlessness, and inspiration”. But nevertheless I will continue to strive for “All Things Possible”. So when are you going to show some fearlessness and Come Fly With Me - Tanya

  • At 7:25 PM, June 16, 2011 , Blogger Tanya said...

    Lane, Tim and I still need to know how do you practice being a werewolf? Come Fly With Me - Tanya

  • At 5:26 AM, June 20, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I wuz throwin' a lot of bait out there expectin' some bites, like the werewolf bit, but I'll have to git back to that later---I MUST comment on this latest subject! (Oh, and HAPPY 40th Chris! No biggee--I've already breezed through the 40's, and I found them identical to the 30's! Someone in your condition--if you keep it up, as I'm sure you will--should enjoy another decade easy of your prime. The 50's however, well, we'll get into that some other time.....)--Talk about prophetic subjects and me popping up just when you visit the "Paha Sappa"-the sacred Black Hills of the Lakota--is this blog supernatural or WHAT? And me bringing up the celebration of "Little Bighorn Day" while you were visiting the area!!!! Marvelous subject, very inspirational, quite the amazing feat in progress still, BUT.....gosh, I hate to be Mister negative here on this wonderful positive blog, but there IS another perspective to this project, a totally different cultural view, that I feel really must be mentioned(sigh)....Now the Wasichu(white men) logically think that having such a monument to a Native American hero(and he IS such, in my eyes) like Tashunka Witko(Crazy Horse) would be a totally positive thing, but alas, the Lakotas' belief in the sacredness of the Black Hills is being totally disregarded once again. Blasting away the side of a mountain to make a tourist attraction is very offensive to the more conservative Lakota--they believe the mountains should be left just as they are. And CRAZY HORSE of all the Lakota heroes? Red Cloud or Sitting Bull would have LOVED such recognition(if they could have gotten past the defacing-of-the-mountain part), but Crazy Horse was a suprisingly humble, even shy person, despite his prowess as a warrior defending the People. He would not even wear feather war bonnets or other fancy clothing, and refused all his life to have his photo taken(no verified photos of him in existence....) He fought furiously to save the Black Hills from white intrusion; he would be MORTIFIED to see this being done with his name attached. Dreams are wonderful and we all need them--we cannot really live without them. And though the best of intentions were meant here(and that should count for something), one must be careful one's dreams do not run all over others' beliefs and cultural ways(as the entire Manifest Destiny ideals did!) This sculptor apparently never asked the Indians what THEY thought! A couple of excellent books to learn more--"Lame Deer Seeker Of Visions" by John Fire Lame Deer and Richard Erdoes goes specifically into this and other modern Lakota views. The BEST book on Crazy Horse is Mari Sandoz's "Crazy Horse, The Strange Man Of The Ogallalas". Sorry to be a party pooper here, but it IS great for discussion!....Lane Batot

  • At 9:55 AM, June 20, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ....I love the quote at the beginning of this post--I had NO IDEA this quote was from the Sculpter of the Crazy Horse monument! I saw it at the beginning of a well-known book on Native Americans by Hal Borland, "When The Legends Die", about a Ute Indian being forced in modern times to abandon his traditional lifestyle and "walk the white man's road"--it is a sad, even depressing book(though illuminating), that they made a fairly decent movie about--starring Fredrerick Forest and Richard Widmark(same title as the book)--both do end with a glimmer of hope, at least. I personally have(yet) to actually visit the Black Hills--though I have read much about them, and seen many photos and films taken there--I'm envious(in a good way) Chris! They ARE quite something, are they not? Brooding and mysterious how they rise from the plains--did you visit Mato Paha(Bear Butte) too? Ahhhh, but I HAVE been on the Little Bighorn battlefield, many years ago, when I was fleeing some bad white men(organized criminal types) that a friend had gotten mixed up with and I was trying to help get him away from--long, sad story--I'm lucky to still be alive. Anyway, some friends in Montana(whom I'd made on a wolf study program) insisted we hide out there for awhile(yes, the situation was THAT serious and scary!), and on the way, up from the South(the route bypassing the Black Hills, alas) we went right by the Little Bighorn battlefield--I HAD to stop! Everything was closed up--and I wandered all over the place before I saw a little sign saying such was forbidden! Oops! I also picked up a small pebble to put in my medicine bag(a bag of odds-and-ends with mementos and reminders of beloved people, places, events and adventures and other sacred things in my own life--still have it today!)--which I belatedly also learned was taboo! White man's taboo, though, not Indian-oriented. I wasn't stealing archaeological artifacts, by any means(which is what they wish to prevent by such rules). The place was SO peaceful and beautiful--hard to imagine the horror and drama that went on there over 200 years ago. I tried to imagine the enormous Indian village down along the river, and how things were in those last days of the Lakota and Cheyennes' freedom and traditional life--it was hard. A place of POWER, nonetheless. I treasure my little inyan(stone) from there....Lane Batot

  • At 11:13 AM, June 20, 2011 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys!! I'm looking forward to it. And Tanya, was that an invitation to do trapeze stunts with you? I'm there!

    Thanks Lane for the insight!! You're absolutely right about the "When The Legends Die..." quote, it is originally attributed to Tecumseh of the Shawnees - and Korzcak was fond of reiterating Native American wisdom. The carving was initiated by the request of Chief Henry Standing Bear - a Lakota chief who's life spanned the battle of Little Big Horn, The Massacre at Wounded Knee and the Indian Reorganization Act. Though I don't doubt that his controversial decision to leave a memorial in the sacred Black Hills was not universally popular among his people, I know he saw his race disappearing quickly in his lifetime. He wanted to leave behind a legacy to a culture and way of life that seemed to be quickly fading from the earth. And it sounds like you had your own battle of sorts at Little Big Horn - OMG!! Glad you made it!

    Tim - you're right about the coolness of a mystery trip!! I'm lucky to have someone know me so well. Thanks!

    Hope you guys are all having a great week!!

    All Things Possible,

  • At 12:55 PM, June 20, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I didn't know Standing Bear approved of this sculpture(I need to read up, I guess!)--I love Standing Bear's stuff--I have a couple of his books, too. One quote from him I especially love and relate to:"Man's heart away from Nature grows hard"--made I think on one of his trips to a large modern city. Yes, Native Americans are like anyone; as many opinions and ideas on various subjects as anyone else! The "anti" views on all the Black Hills sculptures by the "conservatives" can be quite amusing, though, as when in Lame Deer's(John Fire's) book, they held each other over one of the Mount Rushmore heads so they could urinate on the face! Well, I thought it was funny--I highly recommend both the books I mentioned!.....L.B.

  • At 9:18 PM, June 20, 2011 , Blogger SusanGail said...

    Sending All Things Beautiful blessings for a beautiful birthday week.

    I've been gone on an adventure in the Blue Ridge again and found this wonderful long exchange when I got home. Lane you have really sparked the forum! The Native American discussion here is great.

    Happy Summer and Solstice from Michigan to California...Sue

    PS Chris, 40...ahhh...a great age. As our daughter says, just the right age...mature, yet with a still-young outlook on life:) If only I could have known then what I know now...I wonder what my life would have been like. But, I like the ATB/ATP way things have been turning out:)

  • At 6:12 AM, June 21, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hey Sue! You were down in my neck of the woods, sounds like! You'll have to hop over to the N. C. Zoo in Asheboro. N. C. next time--I'll get you in fer free! But what exactly do you mean, more adult outlook at 40? I hit the big 5-0 not long ago, and I'm still waitin' fer puberty! Seriously though, Chris, I was in far better shape throughout my 40's than I ever was in my 20's! So, don't worry!.....And as for the Native American discussion--thought a bit more about it last night, and just had to shake my head--I mean, what are the odds? Here I am, a newbie on this blog, and brought up the Little Bighorn subject while Chris, totally unbeknownst to me, was on a mystery trip to the Black Hills and the Crazy Horse sculpture! Some sort of "collective unconscience?". Anyway, had me looking through some of the books I mentioned from my voluminous library(hey Jaschenka, I believe you saw and really liked the movie "Powder"--so did I. Remember Powder's basement, the walls lined with crammed-full bookshelves? That's what my house looks like!!!) and I need to make some corrections here(that's what happens when your library is at home, and your only computer access is at work!)--The books by Standing Bear that I have are by LUTHER Standing Bear, not Henry Standing Bear--Henry was Luther's brother, apparently. Great books--the two I have are "My People The Sioux" and "Land Of The Spotted Eagle"(also highly recommended!). I also pulled out "Lame Deer, Seeker Of Visions"--the chapter talking about the Crazy Horse sculpture is "Sitting On Teddy Roosevelt's Head"--this book is SO FUNNY! It gets into serious cultural issues, but with an outrageous and hilarious sense of humor, a VERY entertaining read!--after touring that place, Chris, this book is a MUST for you to read someday! An older book(published 1972), but still appropo today--I just had to reread it again now--I feel maybe I'm meant to, after this prophetic discussion has begun! You should be able to get a really cheap paperback copy on Amazon.....Lame Deer mentions Henry Standing Bear in the book, and his discussions with the sculptor--I guess I had just forgotten. And he also met and talked with the sculptor--he didn't like the blasting of the mountain, but he admitted he really liked and admired the man himself! Many Indians believe that Crazy Horse's spirit is offended, and will prevent the sculpture from ever getting completed!...And I made a big typo before--slip of the right index finger--I meant over 100 years ago, not over 200, at the Little Bighorn battlefield! Hetchetu Aloh!....Lane B.

  • At 12:45 PM, June 21, 2011 , Blogger SusanGail said...

    Hi Lane and every one...
    She meant being beyond the 20 somethings' and before me:) I was telling her how amazing it is to talk to those who are 40 somethings. I enjoy her age group very much. She figured it's because they're settled down more, and are easy to talk to. I'm not explaining it right. Aging is in the mind on this forum, thankfully, which is why it is ATP:)In another month I'm about to head for my 50th High School Reunion, so I may report back on my age group.We are the vanguard of the Baby Boomers and seemingly a very important age group,as the whole lot of us who came of age in the 60s are often known as the "cultural creatives"....I finally realized that it's true, that many of us are. So I enjoy being a ground-breaker now, rather than wondering what's going on. I'm still not making myself clear:) I'm going to go find out just how many of us really are being cultural creatives:)and report back in August!

    But, you get the idea, maybe? Asheboro, hmmm I was in SW VA near Wytheville. I'll have to look at the map and get my bearings:)for another trip to the mountains.

    I had been going to post back to wish you all a beautiful Summer Solstice today. And I'd meant to add this quote to the mixture of the impossibly amazing Crazy Horse thing. Because I saw it after Chris posted the story. And the quote is by a hero of all of us here on the forum as you can tell from the website...

    Christopher Reeve:
    "Once you choose to hope, anything's possible."

  • At 2:54 PM, June 21, 2011 , Blogger Tim said...

    As many of you know, I am very involved in dog training, particularly dog agility. Over the past almost 12 years I have had over 300 students of the human kind. Some of them have been more "mature" than others. One of my students, her name is Sue, is as sweet as the day is long. Being older, she is not as fleet of foot as she used to be and her dog is quite quick. Sue is always a bit behind where she needs to be so I push her to move a bit fact I will yell (in a friendly way) RUN! HURRY! as she putters along the course. I also tease her about remembering where she needs to go as she often will lose her way along the course but through it all she does a great job. Well, I just found out that earlier this month, the lady who I push to run faster and tease about short term memory...turned 94! Holy Crap, I never knew. God Bless her. At an age when most people have given up or are dead, she is still out there playing with the dogs. Much of age is a state of mind.

  • At 4:12 PM, June 21, 2011 , Blogger SusanGail said...

    Tim, I'll write back, but storms coming and hope all is well over there. It was nice to have it quiet for awhile:)

  • At 7:35 PM, June 21, 2011 , Blogger SusanGail said...

    Power out and back on so will try to send quick note. Loved your post Tim.
    And, I love your writing style. Hope that is going well:) and I hope you will keep on writing. The story about the 94-year old is inspirational for example. A great story for a dog magazine, don't you think?:)

    My friend, Clayton Klein (who happens to be related to Chris -- and if you saw them walking together you could sense i-- is 92 and keeps on walking. I hope to walk with him on Friday again. He helps keep my spirits young. He's not doing his 400-mile treks as I talked about in recent years, but he does walk every day, at least four miles. I so enjoy his young at heart spirit. He always looks the youngest in his class pictures.
    Storms are still swirling but hoping to get some sleep tonight somehow:). ATB to all, Sue

  • At 4:31 AM, June 22, 2011 , Blogger Tim said...

    Sue, we dodged the bullet again. The skies turned that sick green color and the wind kicked up for a minute but we got very little rain as the storms went just to the south of us.

    I hope you have sunny cool weather for your walk. I'll be thinking about you, Clayton and the other old man :-)

  • At 6:01 AM, June 22, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Alas Sue, Asheboro, North Carolina is not in the Appalachian Mountains(not to be confused with ASHEVILLE, which IS, and where I also lived in and around for many years! And which I miss fiercely! )--although we have a tiny, little-known group of "mountains"(hills, more like!) called the "Uwharries" here--considered the OLDEST mountains in North America, hence the worn down height! They also used to be islands in the ancient past--I find fossilized coral on my woods rambles all the time! Anyway, AsheBORO is DEAD CENTER in the state of North Carolina, and the Zoo-illogical(I didn't spell it that way by accident, either!) Park is probably one of N. C.'s best kept secrets--it is huge--over 500 acres developed(another 500 that COULD be....) and at least 5 miles of trails--it takes an entire day to barely get through it, IF you don't linger too long at each exhibit!(they have a great website, of course, for you-all to look up if you wish!) Most are all natural exhibits--no cramped cages and such--these animals(and me!) are purty lucky, as zoo animals go. So be sure and plan a visit someday!....And yeah, the age-thing is very much influenced by mind-set, I also think.(Though excercise and diet help a LOT!) I'm 51, and NO ONE believes me when I tell them! Most think I'm in my 30's now, though a few more wrinkles(and in places I never even thought about having wrinkles! Sheesh!), and some Lily Munster grey streaks appearring in my hair may cause future estimates to peg me as older, though! I remember one funny altercation I had with a VERY disagreeable individual some years ago, when I was in my 40's, who, because he had no other legitimate way to try to socially dominate me(I'm not very subserviant in temperment...) made mention of how I should show more rspect to my elders(meaning himself)--this being in front of numerous individuals, an effort to embarrass me. When I pointed out, unbeknownst to him that I was HIS elder, and perhaps he should practice what he preached, well, the silence that followed, you could literally hear the crickets! Fun as things like that can be, it DOES get tiresome being treated like a wet-behind-the-ears kid by people you are a decade older than! But as long as I have a choice, hey, I'll take it!!!! Lane B.

  • At 12:50 PM, June 22, 2011 , Blogger Tanya said...


    Great activity here. Lane you are adding some great insights. Tim loved your post as well. Sue you and your spirit are very youthful. And Chris as soon as you have some free time and want to add trapeze to your resume, let me know.

    Come fly with me - Tanya

  • At 3:03 PM, June 22, 2011 , Blogger Tim said...

    Is it when someone tries to socially dominate you that the werewolf thing happens? LOL

  • At 8:27 AM, June 23, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    .....checked on, and saw that many copies of "Lame Deer; Seeker of Visions" by John Fire/Lame Deer and Richard Erdoes can be had for under 1 dollar(with the $3.99 shipping charge, of course...)WELL worth anyone's interest if anyone wants to learn some continued Native American philosophy(not vanished by any means, and we need these perspectives more than ever!)--I am rereading my copy, inspired by this blog post, and loving it all over again--like visiting with an old friend!(Don't be confused if you order this book with Archie Fire/Lame Deer's book--that's John Fire/Lame Deer's son--although this may be a good book too--I'll let you know, 'cause I just ordered it too! Gawd, how I love Amazon!). I have been ENORMOUSLY influenced by Native American beliefs all my life--as a very young kid I seriously thought something was wrong with me mentally--I really was at odds with the modern world and society as a whole--until I began reading some REAL Indian books Like "Ishi, Last Of His Tribe", "Black Elk Speaks", and "Cheyenne Autumn"--I discovered I wasn't crazy, I was just Indian! I've gotten to associate with "real" Native Americans on numerous occaisions since--some, the younger "progressives", were usually quite rude to me and resentful of this mostly white-guy's interest--insultingly called a member of the "Wanna-Be Tribe"--etc. Didn't slow me up much, though, in my quest for knowledge--and I found the elder Indians VERY encouraging and happy to share ideals--some incredibly polite and accomodating. I took a Cherokee language course in college(quite difficult and complicated language!)--my Cherokee teacher, Robert Bushyhead was THRILLED to be teaching whites his language, history and customs. He had been whipped as a kid in missionary schools for speaking his Native tongue--now he was teaching it to those peoples' descendants! Robert Bushyhead was the BEST TEACHER, hands down, kindergarten-through college I EVER had; incredible man! Whenever I need to teach anyone or anything, I try to follow his example--endlessly patient, positive, and enthusiastic! All of us in the course were rattling in Cherokee before it was done!....L. B.

  • At 12:40 PM, June 23, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ....and I guess I really need to answer some of the werewolf/lycanthropy questions( gosh,this could ramble on till the next full moon!). Yes, Tim, trying to pointlessly dominate me can trigger a transformation! If there is good reason for alpha posturing, and it serves the purpose of pack cohesion and survival, as with canines, I have no problems with being dominated--but primates tend to strut and posture for purely selfish egotistical reasons, and this sometimes raises my wolf hackles a bit......But to explain WHY I have these bizarre(to humans) perspectives--no I'm not REALLY a real werewolf(are you suprised?), but I probably really do have a closer understanding as to what it is like to actually be one, than likely most anyone else--although most serious dog nuts can certainly relate to some degree(as all dogs are at least a bit wolf in their desires and perspective!) Along with portraying werewolves in various "Haunted Houses/Trails" over many years(along with various other critters--I've been accused of being a frustrated method actor), I also roamed for many years with a pack of wolf-hybrids in our vast and wild mountain territory where we lived, increasingly at night as civilization encroached. Nothing like roaming the woods at night with a bunch of wolf-dogs to get you accused of practicing Lycanthropy! I'd have certainly been burned at the stake in Medieval times.....Anyway, I gained a realistic perspective on just what it is like being a REAL werewolf--care to hear any of my myth-busters on the subject? Most of the movies on the subject are just SO WRONG! The TRUTH ABOUT WEREWOLVES, as it were. Hey Chris, this would also make an excellent and funny movie! You'd make an excellent werewolf, I'm sure! I'd happily be your technical advisor for free!...L.B.

  • At 6:35 PM, June 23, 2011 , Blogger Tanya said...

    Ok if we are doing a werewolf movie, I'm doing the stunts! - Tanya

  • At 11:48 PM, June 23, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hello everyone,
    sorry again to been away so long. Very busy year so far, but all good.

    Happy birthday, Chris, and welcome to level 4.0! I've been 40 for 5 months now and I am having the time of my life! Not sure, if it has to do with being 40 or some other factors, but that doesn't really matter. It's all in the mind, anyway. All the best!

    I remember seeing a documentary about The Crazy Horse monument many many many many moons ago, Quite an amazing achievement and it just proves, that if you REALLY want something than it can be done. ATP!

    Big hugs to you all and have a great weekend!


  • At 4:08 AM, June 24, 2011 , Anonymous Jaschenka said...

    Hello dear Forum Family!

    What better day than today to contribute to this cosy forum?! It's been too long since my last post but I was always round the corner reading in on you all! Meanwhile it's been fun to keep in touch through facebook too. :)*waves to Sue, Dave, Tanya, Ufuk, Ute*

    So, first, congrats to our wonderful forum host on his 30+ something birthday! ;) Have a Magical one, Chris. If you are having your bday on International Fairy Day, you MUST be special!!

    Lane, good to read how you spice up the forum! I'm sure Tim appreciates the canine input as much as I do. Please tell more! And I am impressed you remember the Powder library! That movie sure made an impression but I never noticed the bookcases. Not sure if that says something of the quality of the movie or more about my eye for detail..

    No vast nature or wild mountains where I am, but we had a good share during our recent trip to Ireland (missed you there, Ute) and did some treehugging while we were at it as well.
    I enjoyed the forum topic a lot!
    Now, Tanya, let's get things flying, shall we..(starting your doodle soon!)

    Let me know if we need any furry werewolf costumes for that movie!
    Hugs to all, Be Inspired!

  • At 8:38 AM, June 24, 2011 , Anonymous Alex said...

    Hi everyone!

    All best wishes, Chris!! Hope you're having a wonderful, happy 40th birthday!! Thanks for posting great thoughts, inputs and your interesting experience from the mistery trip.

    Tim, the best of luck with your eyes; hope you're doing better and well! Your amazing positive attitude is so important!

    Welcome Lane! A bright force of nature! Thank you for sharing with awareness, sense of humour and lot of enthusiastic passion, your thoughts, feelings, experiences on this forum too!

    Congrats Tanya for your works; thank you for always flying on this forum.

    Glad to read comments as always from Sue, again from Ute, Jaschenka, hopefully from Dave, Angie, Ufuk and everyone else soon.

    Hope you're all well; good luck with your life and work. Take care, have a great, safe summer everyone!

  • At 9:59 AM, June 24, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yes, HAPPY B-DAY Chris! Also, Happy Little Bighorn Day Eve! I'll have to get on here tomorrow during Little Bighorn Day with a coupla Custer jokes to celebrate.... You know, you also have the option of going BACKWARD once you hit 40--meaning you'll be 39 again next year, etc. etc. This is what I chose to do actually.....Jaschenka, I remember the "Powder" basement because I was watching it with someone who said "Dang, that looks like the inside of YOUR house!" Except my groaning bookshelves also have lots of little plastic animal and dinosaur toys/figures all over them! I LOVE the German company Schleich animals especially!(I bet you've seen those in Europe) Absolutely no reason one must act(or decorate) according to cultural prejudices regarding age! And I'll no doubt get into LOTS involving my many dogs over the years--I have a coupla-three Border Collie books to recommend you and Tim, if you haven't already read them! But back to THE TRUTH ABOUT WEREWOLVES, which will be my present of little-known facts to Chris and the rest of you on his B-Day....L. B.

  • At 10:27 AM, June 24, 2011 , Blogger Tanya said...

    First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS! There has been such wonderful activity here, you should have a birthday every month!

    It is fabulous to hear from everyone again! Lets keep this going strong and support our incredible birthday host.

    Come fly with me - Tanya

  • At 10:53 AM, June 24, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ...okay, Werewolf Corollary #1--that whole schtick about the full moon is NOT what most people think. It has nothing to do with the power of the moon or anything supernatural, or any other romantic hogwash. It is simply that it is really hard to SEE at night when it's not a full moon! A wolf's ability to see in the dark doesn't tranfer very well for some reason, and since werewolves don't like running into trees anymore than anyone else, they usually just wait till the full moon when they can see what the heck they are doing! And don't even bring up using a flashlight the rest of the month. It just does not work; a creature out terrorizing the countryside having to use a flashlight--people just won't don't you seriously...... #2-Then that whole bit about people "cursed" with the werewolf transformation being totally uninhibited and always violently aggressive, and then not remembering anything about it the next day? I'll tell you true; the only werewolves that out-of-control that can't remember what they did, are werewolves with a DRINKING PROBLEM!!! How would YOU like to be compared to alchoholic members of YOU'RE cultural group? It's DRUNKEN werewolves that give the rest of us a bad name, let me tell ya!....#3? The whole "garlic-repels-werewolves" thing? People that eat too much garlic repel EVERYBODY-- werewolves,vampires, mosquitoes, aunts. uncles, and cousins! And garlic is totally ineffective, I might add, on Italian werewolves....#4-And what about Silver Bullets? Are they REALLY more effective in killing werewolves? Well, yes, but not for the reasons most people think. It has nothing to do with the "purity" of the metal, or them flying straighter than lead--it is because--DO YOU KNOW HOW FREAKIN' EXPENSIVE A SILVER BULLET IS??! I don't know how often any of you have been shot at by someone in a panicky funk, but they tend to get a type of "Buck Fever", and bullets fly all over the place--everywhere except the target! And I'll tell you, "Werewolf Fever" is a LOT more serious than "Buck Fever"! But humans economical preservation instincts are MUCH stronger than their bodily survival instincts--you see plenty of examples of this all the time in floods and fires when people get themselves kilt trying to save valuable material goods--it's no different when shooting at werewolves--by god, they WILL make sure those silver bullets count! This sense of economy overides the panic, and they always aim and shoot better!....okay, I reckon that's enough for now,; I've got some fleas that need tending to....L.B.

  • At 6:03 AM, June 25, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    And now, for the 25th of June, HAPPY LITTLE BIGHORN DAY EVERYBODY!!!!! Hopefully, Chris, you are well on your way to recovering by now from your 40th B-day bash(doesn't everybody have a 40th B-day bash?), don't feel too much like a survivor of the Little Bighorn battle, and can handle a Custer joke in celebration! Okay then, does anyone know what brand of shirt Custer was wearing during the battle of the Little Bighorn???? An ARROW shirt of course!!!(for you overseas correspondents, this might not translate, but in the U. S., the ARROW company has manufactured shirts--especially fancy dress shirts-- for decades. Although who knows, they are probably manufactured in China now!)....Lane B.

  • At 1:03 PM, June 25, 2011 , Blogger Tim said...

    You crack me up. I am beginning to see your werewolf movie coming together here. Werewolves running through the forest with flashlights,GOTJ music in the background, batteries fail, perfect opportunity for product placements(Duracell) etc. Sort of Scarey Movie gone to the dogs so to speak.

    Hey Sue, how was the walk?

    The day before Chris's birthday was mine as well but not my 40th. I'll have to wait for another lifetime. I did get some happy news Friday from the Dr. I get to start going back to my normal activities as long as I ease into them so Sunday morning will be the gym and I can't wait. Months of inactivity does not suit me so I am ready for a blast of endorphins. It will be at least a month before we start to see what is needed to correct the vision in my left eye. A cataract is already forming so somewhere down the road another procedure will be needed. Such is life.

    Tanya, you are not the only one flying. The baby eagles in the link I posted a few months ago have left the nest. All three survived to date. I hope they do well. They are my buds. I spent many hours watching them while recovering from the surgery.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  • At 3:52 PM, June 25, 2011 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...



  • At 5:19 PM, June 25, 2011 , Anonymous Alex said...

    Happy belated birthday Tim!!
    I'm very glad you're really doing much better; good luck for those possible next procedures.
    Thanks to this link: you posted here a few months ago, it was interesting, nice to me as well, watching more times what happened to the eagles through all these months.

    Hope you all are having a great weekend and summer; take care!


  • At 4:38 PM, June 26, 2011 , Blogger Dave W said...

    Good grief! Where have I been while all this discussion as been going on? I guess my summer has been busier than I thought and I haven't checked in nearly enough. I've enjoyed reading through all the comments regarding the Crazy Horse Monument. I have visited the site a couple time in my life, the last being about a decade ago, and though I'm impressed by the size and scope of the project the environmentalist in me hates to see the natural landscaped reformed to such a human purpose (I feel the same about Mt. Rushmore). It's kind of an odd feeling I have about it since we as a species "terraform" for much less noble purposes of course and it's really not unlike landscaping around one's own yard I suppose (on a much, much bigger scale). However, I'm supportive of more monuments to Native Americans.

    Anyway, the discussion about Little Bighorn interests me as well. Custer is actually quite a figure in my part of Michigan. Not only was his boyhood home near where I live, but it's also where his wife was from. And it's from her efforts to keep his memory alive that we really remember Custer at all. I've had the opportunity to do some research recently on Custer for a play I'm writing and his history is much more interesting than either the popular mythology or even history we were taught would have us believe. But isn't that true of so many things?

    Oh and for Lane, if the streaks in your hair don't reveal your biological age, references to Lily Munster might! I don't know if these kids today have any appreciation for classic television like those of us of a "certain age" do!

    ATP Everyone

  • At 7:53 PM, June 26, 2011 , Blogger SusanGail said...

    Wow, 30 posts! Haven't seen that record in awhile. Thanks for all the thoughts everyone. Tim, it's great to enjoy a peaceful optimal summer day here for a change. But tomorrow may be different! And the walk was great, but we had to walk on a local indoor track facility due to rain. It was cooler on Friday, and rainy. But the walk was good and easy to walk and talk and catch up on each other. He is walking more again...not the 20 mile a day ones, but a few 14 miles with his daughter on weekends. He tries to get in at least 4 miles each day. By the time I got my shoes on and ready to walk, I think I only made 3 1/2. But that's good for me. The longest walk I did with Clayton (what a wimp, I am:) was about 7 miles between towns here on the month of his big walks (last one in 2009). I should update my blogspot fan page for him. www.clay tonklein-the
    so much to update!!! I met Clayton before I met Chris (while working at the local paper. I'd written about his arctic travels in his book Cold Summer Wind. Who knew we'd become fast friends. I'm grateful, because it makes me get out and walk.
    I think he'd like to have a walking event of some kind this year to give a chance for his walking friends to take part. Hope it will work out.
    Tim, how come we didn't know about your birthday being by Chris'? Happy ATB/P Birthday Year! Our daughter's is today. Seems there are a number of Cancer folks in my circles of acquaintances! I send the same well wishes and prayers as the others for the healing of your eyes.
    And, it seems another forum friend needs our prayers, as well. I see by Facebook that Dave is recovering and wish him the ATB/P energy vibes from "this here forum family:)"
    I DO know those vibes work wonders!
    Have a great week all...

  • At 7:43 PM, June 27, 2011 , Blogger Tanya said...

    Not much to say here - Just wanted to wish Tim a Happy Birthday too!

    Come fly with me (maybe you will see Tim's eagles) - Tanya

  • At 9:59 AM, June 28, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yes, HAPPY B-DAY TIM! Seems like we'll just have to celebrate the whole darn week next year--Tim's and Chris's B-day's PLUS LITTLE BIGHORN DAY! I went out and got milkshakes for my co-workers to promote the holiday, and they were happy to humor me! Also watched my new-used DVD copy of "Little Bigman"that night--no telling how many times I've watched that movie! Though the portrayal of Custer is no doubt highly exagerrated(and Richard Mulligan milks it for every drop!), this was THE FIRST(I believe) movie(1970) to portray Custer as anything other than an American hero. I remember being ecstatic as a kid watching it for the first time(when the edited-for-T. V. version came out on television--no way would my parents take me to see what was then a VERY controversial, violent movie!)-I remember giving enthusiastic war whoops when Custer got skewered! But you must realize, I grew up in the 60's, when Westerns were numero-uno on T. V.(kinda like CSI cop shows are now...sigh...), and Injuns were more often than not the "bad guys"(though an occaisional episode of "Bonanza" or "Gunsmoke" might portray them in a more positive light)--so you can imagine the ostracism I got at school for my unpatriotic, yea, even TREASONOUS views on the Indins as the good guys! "Little Bigman" really made a social impact, and began turning views around. And good as the movie is, the book(written in 1964) is a zillion times better! And thanks to, I only recently discoverd there is a SEQUEL,"The Return Of Little Bigman", written in 1999--of course I've ordered and recieved it(but not read it just yet....)...L.B.

  • At 1:14 PM, June 28, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    .....and if my earlier comment on Lily Munster dated me, Dave, then the ones on "Bonanza" and "Gunsmoke" only verified it! First run episodes, too! I remember getting our first ever COLOR T. V.!!!! Remember vividly the first show I ever watched, on it, too--The Wonderful World of Disney--the story of "The Boy And The Eagle"! And yet today, while working, one of the secretaries from the main office building was touring a group through our area--I was out checking on the alligators and she greeted me with "How are you young man!"--even though I'm easily a decade older than her! Maybe she wuz jest bein' nice, er maybe in the bright sunlight, she mistook them grey streaks fer blondish streaks? One thing's for sure, I shore don't act like I'm 50+!....And it looks like our werewolf movie, starring Christopher Showerman, is coming together! Let's see, Tanya as stunt coordinator, me as Technical advisor(and Tim as well, I think--Couldn't you just see a werewolf entering himself in a doggy agility contest, and cleaning up?), I'm sure Dave wouldn't mind being the main script writer, Jaschenka head of Costuming(start collecting that "Kraft Fur!), Sue should do swell for Promotions--who else now? Don't be shy! And Chris, if you have a difficult agent that gives you any flack about this, well, we have a way of taking care of that come the next full moon!....L.B.

  • At 9:03 AM, June 29, 2011 , Blogger SusanGail said...

    Fun posts here:)
    Tanya, I'm always looking for the eagles...thanks for the image.
    Lane, thanks for the image, too, of the ATP Movie crew! I like that.
    We've always thought we were some kind of crew:)Lots of virtual fun here, always, on the forum! ATB2U ~ Sue

  • At 9:08 AM, July 01, 2011 , Blogger Tim said...

    Happy July 4th weekend! Not sure if I will get a chance to fly in here over the weekend or not so I hope you all have a safe holiday. For those of you abroad, sorry you have to go to work on Monday LOL.

    Sue, the eaglets are out and about. You can keep track of their antics with the Facebook page which has video clips of them learning about life.


  • At 9:33 AM, July 01, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Even though the subject matter may change soon here, while we are sorta delving into Native American subjects, I'll take this opportunity to bring up something I have seen mentioned in several past archive discussions(hey guys! I've read up through Feb. 2010 so far! And loved every minute of it! I feel I really know you guys!), and that is, the movie "AVATAR"! Everyone has their own reasons for liking or not such a movie, and since my thoughts about it jibe with this subject somewhat, I want to dredge it up from the not-so-distant past.....Sue, you have another defender on your tribe on this; I LOVED the movie! CAN'T WAIT for the sequel(s)! Just bought my own used cheapo copy from Amazon(only spent a bit over $6 bux! And that includes shipping!) I have some very strong reasons for loving this movie--I can relate to it's themes so closely! One reason I liked it was because of how pleasantly suprised I was about WHAT the story involved--basically it was a Wild Injun vs.Oppressive Progress movie; "cowboys and injuns", if you will! It's just that the Injuns were 10 feet tall and blue and had those neato plug-in tails! From the previews I thought it was something about computerized virtual reality stuff--which I have ZERO interest in fake stories about fake things. Plus, I was put-off a bit by all the hoopla preceding it's release--lots of hoopla usually means it's purty mainstream, and let's face it folks, I just ain't perzackly mainstream myself--so I was expecting to not like it much. But on the recommendations of friends that know me purty well, I scraped my few dollars together and went.....L. B. be continued....

  • At 9:54 AM, July 01, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ...I can tell you, by the end of the movie, I was givin' war whoops(much to the consternation of my fellow theatre goers) and fit and ready to join the Na:vi! I have seen the REAL destruction of one territory after another in places where I have lived; the forest razed, the animals killed and driven out, pollution and trash replacing natural beauty. It was especially traumatic to me when the territory I grew up in was destroyed by "progress"--I knew every tree and many animals individually. In the 10 square mile area or so I considered "my" territory, and which had been 10 miles from the city limits, they put a city landfill, a sewage plant, a golf course, a school, condominiums, a shopping center, and housing development after housing development--virtually NOTHING was left of the original beautiful forests, streams and lakes(Yes! they even drained the lakes!) that were a very part of my soul. This happened over a span of several years,and all I did was stand by and mourn the loss of each natural area. I was just a kid, what could I do? And then the LAST patch of woods began to be ripped apart to build more houses--I was 16 years old, it was our Bicentennial year(1976) in the U. S., and I was heartbroken(no thoughts of getting a driver's liscense, or dating, or hanging out at the mall for me!). But finally enraged enough to do something--ANYTHING! I started a guerrilla campaign against that housing development--I could write a FAT book on my "delinquent", destructive summer that year! And many close calls for me! Boy, were those developers after my butt! Reward posters up, the whole bit! I cost them DEARLY for every tree they cut. But of course I lost, in the end.......And had to see one territory after another destroyed likewise, in various other places I've lived, and been driven out of like my animal brothers again and again(it's happening as I speak where I live now!) when I see a movie like AVATAR, where the Injuns WIN for a change, you BET I'm gonna LOVE it!!!! And for this to be such a hit for the mainstream of the public? Could that possibly be a ray of hope that at long last, peoples' attitudes are changing, and they want to save what's left of our world before it's too late? I can only hope--that's what this movie gives me---hope!...L.B.

  • At 8:48 PM, July 03, 2011 , Blogger SusanGail said...

    Fantastic Fourth everyone! Tim, thanks for the eagle link:) Love the photos on that page, and also I "liked" it! Are you there?
    Lane, thanks for the great post about AVATAR. Glad you liked it as much as we did, i.e. I think we all did! The sequel should be interesting. And I love that you shared that story from your memory bank. Really enjoyed it!
    As for reading back over five years of blogs, that is something to blog about! Perhaps we have a story within a story here, or a movie within a movie:)It 's been an adventure and a wonderful part of life to know the forum family is here. Kudos to Chris for keeping it up all this time. You don't suppose he's been writing a script all along do you?:)!
    Tomorrow being Independence Day reminds me of the time the topic was about "independence" -- our own -- I should go back and read that.
    Again, cheers to you for reading the backlog of our lives here, and actually saying how much you enjoy it:) Now you made me think, that it would be nice to have a printout of all of the forum postings. Lots of golden nuggets are here to treasure always...Sue

  • At 6:36 AM, July 07, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    HA! Sue! You think like I do! Get a PAPER copy for posterity--I still don't trust the permanence of computers--if modern technological society collapses, there goes all that information stored on computers down the drain of history! But books and other such scrolls have survived Dark Ages, plagues, and wars of all with my books--half my pleasure with my many books is sitting and looking at them all and gloating at my wealth--rather like a Masaai warrior in East Africa with his cattle! Can't gloat quite the same way with one-a-them Kendall doo-mah-hickeys! I think it would be neat if someone categorized the archives of this blog by subject, too--easier to look things up. There are some real jewels in there, and, by the way, I have finally finished them all!....Lane B.

  • At 10:18 AM, July 08, 2011 , Blogger Tanya said...

    I had a wonderful 4th in Tahoe. I forgot what clean air smelled like. I hope you all had a great one as well.

    So as for our ATP werewolf movie Dave acts as well and I don't look bad on film either. I do hair and makeup. Also a massage therapist. Oh and I do accounting as well, so I can handle the budget.

    Come fly with me - Tanya

  • At 5:48 AM, July 10, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ....I sent a post a few days ago in answer to Sue's last post--either I did something RONG in sending it(entirely possible for my technologically-challenged self), or I've already been sensored or even BANNED from this blog(sigh...Werewolves get kinda used to that sort of thing socially). If it does pop up belatedley, please bear with the redundancy....Sue--you sound like me--get a PAPER copy for posterity! I don't trust the security/permanancy of the computer world either! If society eventually collapses, computer information will be GONE, whereas books, scrolls, and rock paintings have a much more secure future, having survived wars, plagues, and all manner of other manmade and natural disasters! Besides, computers can NEVER replace the joy and pride I have gloating over my library of books and periodicals--you just can't sit back and gloat over a "Kendall" doo-mah-hickey like you can bookshelves groaning in agony--I take pride and pleasure in my books just as a Masaai tribesman of East Africa does in their wealth of cattle!.....And there are indeed many jewels in the archives--not to take up the blog maestro's spare time, but having them eventually, one day categorized by SUBJECT on a list somewhere would be outstanding!....Lane B.

  • At 6:03 AM, July 10, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ....and Tanya, most certainly we can all wear diffrent hats while putting together the Werewolf Movie--it'll be like the days when I did college theatre!(Boy, Dave, do I have some stories from those days you'll likely relate to!!) The BEST camaraderie I have EVER experienced(with humans) was during those theatre days--though I got involved initially rather as a fluke, I loved it so I ended up minoring in theatre! And such an incredibly diverse, yet tolerant and accepting group of people I've never since encountered--and we all happily pitched in to do whatever had to be done--I learned a lot! This blog reminds me a lot of those dear people! The BEST productions are where everyone just helps out any way they can, rather than getting bogged down with hierarchy, and the "that's not MY job" attitude. Of course them thar SAG folks might beg to differ--we could always film in Mexico to avoid all those rules and regulations. If I remember right, doesn't someone on here have connections in Mexico?...L. B.

  • At 4:08 AM, July 13, 2011 , Blogger Tim said...

    Good Morning Folks
    It is a beautiful day here. Nice and cool with low humidity. Quite a contracts to what it has been lately. I feel least for a day or two before we are supposed to return to the furnace.

    This weeks storms were something. The damage in the Chicago area was wide spread. I do not think I have seen as many large trees snapped off at their base like I have from this episode. We were fortunate to have missed the worst of it but friends of mine have been without electricity since Monday and are not expected to get it back until possible Friday.

    I hope everyone has a great day. It is starting off that was so I am not making any plans otherwise...


  • At 5:34 AM, July 13, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ....boy, I was REALLY worried I might have gotten DELETED/BANNED there--being kinda unconventional, I'm sorta used to that(sigh....), but my responses finally did pop up!!!! I just need to be more patient, obviously. See, even my primitive butt has gotten too used to the modern "light switch" philosophy!.... But while I'm on here, and since no new subjects have popped up yet--what summer movies are you guys seeing and recommending? I'm suprised(after reading all the archives!!!) that somebody hasn't brought this up yet this late in the Summer!!! I am a real tightwad, so I rarely go to the big sit-down theatre, but I broke down and went to see the new Pirates of the Carribean--and LOVED it!!! And I really didn't like the convoluted poor stories on the last two installments of "Pirates"(though I also loved the original!!!) But they seem to be back to a GOOD, SIMPLE STORY, and the writers not be trying to impress everyone with impossible-to-grasp symbolism as I felt the last two were. These movies, to me, are perfect examples of how you can have superior actors, incredible sets filmed on location, fantastic costuming, action, adventure, humor, great directing, BUT, if the STORY falls flat, it drags everything else down with it--fathoms and fathoms down.......but they seem to be back on track, and left it WIDE OPEN fer a further sequel or two, of course! I LOVED the wicked Mermaids! And Blackbeard as done by Ian McShane was SUPER! Being a North Carolina boy(Blackbeard met his doom off our coast, so Blackbeard legend is legion here!) I would enjoy that. And people, I'm going to be admitting my backwoods backwardness here, this was THE FIRST 3-D movie I've ever seen! Had no choice, even the cheapo(NOT!) matinees were 3-D on this one in my theatre--but it was COOL, I have to admit!!!...Lane B.

  • At 11:41 AM, July 13, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    ...and let me chime in with the first ever weather report from the Southeast you've had on this blog(in response to Tim's above)--HOT and HUMID!! It's been in the 90's most all of June and July this year--stinkin' hot! And so humid most of the time you gotta CHEW before you can breathe! Africa ain't got nuthin' on us(and I know, as I was in an African forest for a few months some years ago!) The only good outdoor activity I enjoy in such weather is to go to a nearby river and spend the whole day roaming and swimming and wallowing along it's course--never out of the water longer than 5 minutes or so.....L.B.

  • At 11:50 PM, July 14, 2011 , Blogger SusanGail said...

    Hello everyone,
    Well, Lane, I have printed out some of them over the years, but it would be nice to have something like that. I'm feeling especially touchy about it now, as my printer is on the fritz, and I need to do something about it. I love real books, too, although my Kindle is kind of handy for traveling. I enjoyed
    Tanya's friend Anastasia Blackwell's novel "House at Black Lake" while in Florida this winter.
    But, you can't underline and write in the margins on a Kindle. And if you drop your book or put your knee into it, it doesn't matter. It won't break! Like mine did:) And I had to spring for a new one!
    Love your "Kendall" take on it;)

    I'm enjoying the movie talk...keep it up:)and Tim, the weather is great but I do I see more HOT on the radar? Keep cool and hope all is well with dog shows;) Storm damage here in MI too. Our power was out on July 4 for several hours, but no storms. I think someone may have been cutting down tress by the power line.
    And I think we're, as I said to Tim, due for the big 90s again soon. Alex? Where is our roving global weather forecaster?;)

    Look forward to hearing updates from Chris and everyone else who is busy with summer travels...

    ATB hugs...Sue

  • At 7:47 AM, July 17, 2011 , Anonymous Jaschenka said...

    Hello dear Forum Family!

    Good to read everyone seems to be having a great summer, despite some weather issues. We (and I suppose Angi and Ute who are on the same 'wavelength' here) have a good deal of storms, heavy rains and damage throughout the country. With our favorite festival approaching I'll stick to the policy 'all the rains that fall now won't fall on Castlefest'. Just finished my dress so I'm all ready to go. :)
    We went to see the new Pirates in the first week it was in theatres and I loved it too. I agree, it's better than the previous one. Harry Potter just premiered over here with lots of fuzz but I am not sure I'll get around to seeing that soon. Just had a week vacation but worked on various creative projects at home, which was fun. Next up the Castlefest event (can't wait to have you over again,Ute!) and I'll be visiting Angi for a short break this fall. How cool is that!
    Also, some fun artwork regarding one of our flying forum members might appear soon, who knows.. ;) Have a lovely Summer, everyone! Be Inspired!

  • At 8:01 AM, July 19, 2011 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wouldn't you know it, just when I commented on our heat and humidity here in the South, we had a delightful respite of a few days--low 80's F, and little humidity; the sky as blue as a husky's eye! Nights in the low 60's F--wonderful! But the heat and humidity are back starting today! As for movies--dangit, there's a passel of them I'd LIKE to see, but bein' a poor hillbilly(although we now prefer the term "financially challenged Southern Highland American"), I have to limit my movie outings--I missed(how COULD I have done that?) the last 2 Harry Potters--I may just wait and see them cheapo on DVD--I did read all the books, so I know what happens, at least. I am VERY intrigued by the upcoming "Cowboys And Aliens"--I'll probably scrape a few bux together to see that one! And darnit, there's another Planet Of The Apes movie due out soon--can't miss that one--I love the critter-overthrows-abusive-masters theme, of course! And having lived with wild chimps and baboons for awhile--well, I just have to see it! And another MUSTSEE is the new Conan The Barbarian movie!!!!! I'm a big Conan fan--I love the ORIGINAL Robert Howard stories(which this new movie is supposed to honor)--although I loved the Arnie versions, too--the BEST part of those movies was the SOUNDTRACK!!!! Possibly my favorite movie soundtrack ever(though the Pirates Of The Carribean soundtrack comes a close second! And of course I have both on CDs). A favorite quote of mine comes from one of the original Howard Conan stories--"Tower Of The Elephant"--"Civilized men are more impolite than savages, because they can be discourteous without getting their skulls split, as a general thing."--that says it all for me--the appeal of the character Conan just taking his sword, or a club, or whatever is handy, and just FIXING things!!!....Lane B.

  • At 3:23 PM, July 20, 2011 , Blogger Tim said...

    Harry Potter- No. Never seen the firsts ones or read the books. I am a bit behind.

    Conan- Maybe....DVD

    Planet of the Apes- Yes. Will risk getting bedbugs from the theater seats for that. Seen them all, old and new, even the TV series.

    Really looking forward to the Hobbit movies. They should be interesting.

    Blazing hot this week. Spent all day outside. Hopefully it will end soon.


  • At 8:06 PM, July 20, 2011 , Blogger SusanGail said...

    Just a note to wish everyone well, and hope you are all keeping cool in this summer heat wave. Tomorrow is to be a corker, I've heard, with extreme heat and humidity. Tim, hope your dogs are doing fine in this weather.
    Any shows coming up?

    Enjoying all the posts! And sending ATB blessings, Sue


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