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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Zeitgeist: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.

Click Here

See for yourself and let me know what you think...

Take care of each other.

All Things Possible,



  • At 11:19 PM, June 07, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wow Chris i watched this movie. I don't want to believe any of it is true. wow its really scarry,. I think. Its the best horror film ever produced cause the scarry thing is it may all be true. I sure hope not. Very thought provoking and it makes you not want to trust anything you hear from the media. It is amazing though how things can be slanted to view a point as truth or fiction. Thank God I'm entrenched in my faith that God does exist. Without that I would be lost. I have read other books in the past such as when your money fails i forget who wrote it and in that they spoke of similer things that were going to happen such as bar codes under the skin in your hand so that you are scanned for all purchases and no longer will there be currency as we know it. This books slant was written by someone who beleived the devel has returned and that this would be the mark of the beast as in revelations. i read that a long time ago. well some of it is true in the respect of using credit and debit card i to thnk it will only be a matter of time before we know longer use money. We have direct deposit on line bill pay and such. You think about it, there isn't much you can do know without it. I thought of those people in florida and more than that i think of the dog breeders that now put a micro chip under the dogs skin and can track the dog and find out who owns it. I have a freind who breeds dogs and they put one in each dog. So its not far off that wewill be required to have this as well i can see it. Oh well I dont want to think to much about it as it can be depressing. But i also don't want to become complacent and allow this to happen either.

    Good call to watch it but i caution people if your easily swayed watch it with an open mind as with any media. Who really knows what the truth is unless we delve into it ourselves and make our own conclusions right or wrong. This is just my opinion thanks Chris for putting it out there. Tommy

  • At 12:54 PM, June 10, 2008 , Anonymous Ute said...

    Hey Chris,

    thanks for the link. I finally found the time to sit down and watch it. I was intrigued by the word "Zeitgeist" (Spirit of the Times) which, as you may know, is of German origin.

    I agree with Tommy that it is very thought provoking, though many of these things are not new to me, having read a lot of fantasy books which touch the subject of religion sometimes. It's not new that Christianity emulated a lot of (so-called) Pagan symbols, traditions etc. It is my belief that there is a great power out there and that all religions have been interpreted to fit with their times and cultures at any given time.

    Interestingly, I once heard or read that at one point in time there was an attempt to get people to stop believing in Zodiacs and it proved just impossible to eradicate. So whatever it is, there seems to be a universal truth somewhere at the core, by whatever name you call it.

    And I have to disagree that religion is bad per se, it is being abused badly for different goals, yes, but religion also stands for a lot of good things, giving comfort and aid and what not.

    I've read several books recently about how the government is controlled by companies and I have come to realise that the role money is being used these days is destructive in the long run, without knowing all the back ground stuff. I also have seen movies like "Wag the Dog" or "V for Vendetta" which also touch on the subject of those in power controlling the masses. Scary!

    It makes you wonder if some of those hackers out there are not actually doing a good job sometimes, making electronic cash etc. unsafe and thus preventing us all from having to have a chip under our skins just yet!

    Who knows what the real truth is, if there is only one!

    As for something completely different: does anyone on the board happen to get the channel here! Networks? Kieren's new movie "Polar Opposites" will be available for viewing on demand from June 20, but I cannot subscribe from outside the US. (So much for the Global village, huh?!) So I was wondering if someone had it and could tape it for me. If not, I just have to wait for the DVD.

    All the best to you all. Big hugs and Stay Positive!


  • At 8:40 PM, June 10, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Hello everyone...can't see the video, but wanted to say I enjoyed reading Tommy's and Ute's comments. Not knowing what the film entails, but imagining that it's probably on the dark side, I'd like to say that I love the word Zeitgeist. And, this is just me talking without seeing the film, but I believe each of us has a responsibility, as an individual, to do whatever we can to promote a positive spirit in our culture. The time to do that is now. And the power to create a healthy culture is in our hands, as each of us becomes the most creative person we can be in our own lives, doing whatever we can to make it a better world, and not sitting back complaining. Easier said than done, but there is power in "possible" and the positive actions of each of us adds up. There are countless stories where one person has influenced major change. We can each be part of a positive shift in our culture. Hopefully, forums like this can be one of those action points toward creating a more positive spirit for our times.

    I also wanted to say that the email I received today about a stunt man being killed on the set of the John Woo film Face/Off made me think of actors, such as Chris and the not-so-easy business of film making. So keep safe Chris and company!

    And quick note to Tim and Dave...all the parade of storms the last few days...hope you've been safe too...our power was out again, but now there are thousands of others out. And summer hasn't yet begun on the calendar! I've never seen so much rain. Our daughter got off on one of the last planes out of Detroit last night before they closed down the airport. She said there was lots of lightning when they took off.

    Zeitgeist. It's a good word to add to our vocabulary. What kind of spirit do we want our times to have? And what can I do about it? Something to think about every day. Good topic. Sue

  • At 7:11 PM, June 14, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Forum's pretty quiet so hope all is well with everyone. Just for fun, thought you'd enjoy this list of '10 Best Films About Fathers"...

    Maybe you have other favorites, too.

    Wishing you Happy Father's Day celebrations and beautiful weather wherever you are..Sue

  • At 6:24 PM, June 15, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...


    Thanks for the link to the movie. very interesting and "All Things Possible". I'll leave it at that.

    We have been dodging the worst of the weather systems thus far. Heavy rains, strong damaging winds and tornados have been all around us but I personally have not been hit. A fellow dog person that I know was not so lucky and lost her training barn due to a tornado. Thankfully she is ok (See link below). This pattern of weather has to break soon and we can hopefully have a normal summer.


    PS, Chris...if I don't make it back before then, Happy Birthday

  • At 8:20 PM, June 15, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Tim, just checking in tonight and am so glad to hear you are fine. Touch and go for days now. Thanks for the link. Your friend's story is in well written, as if you were right there. And I've always been petrified of tornadoes. They've been touching down in our area much too often in recent years. Appreciate you letting us know...and we're ok so far...power back on after last weekend torrential rains in midst of weddings and company here! But I'll take that over tornadoes any day, says Dorothy!

    Ha...a birthday coming up...allow me to be the second to extend best wishes for All Things Beautiful, Possible and Dream-able during the coming year...Sue

  • At 12:05 PM, June 20, 2008 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    Hey All!

    Glad to see some of you made use of the link. Tommy, I agree with you that this has some very powerful thoughts that probably scare most of us to confront. Of course, with any documentary, there is always the point of view of the film maker so there is that bias to consider. I think Tim said it best with "All Things Possible". It does challange a lot of our beliefs and it's good to have an open mind to consider that anything could be. Ute, it sounds like you've already done some of your own research on the topics here. Cool.

    And yes, I'll keep my eyes out for Kierien's new movie, Polar Opposities, available today on VOD.

    Sue, sorry this movie won't play for you. But I loved your comment "what kind of spirit do we want our times to have, AND WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT?" It's a great sentiment to remind us that we're all still responsible for the world we live in. Bravo!

    Hope you all have a stellar weekend.

    All Things Possible!

  • At 8:50 PM, June 20, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Hello everyone, I hadn't commented earlier because I just haven't been able to make time to watch the whole thing!

    But, I think I know where it is going and I think it's okay to examine our beliefs and think about why you believe what you believe every now and then.

    For a good review of the origins of beliefs and religion/mythology some of you may be interested in checking out the work of Joseph Campbell (author of "The Hero with a Thousand Faces" among others). You may be surprised to find how much so many of our cultures have in common!

    I hope everyone is having a good summer - which officially started today I guess. I'm certainly enjoying the summer movie season so far!


  • At 8:38 PM, June 21, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Well, hello all! I'm back online after my internet provider had huge server issues for a few days. You'd wonder how I accomplish anything being in the dark ages of dial-up. I'm glad my comment may have fit in, without me fully participating. Yes, with all the things happening in the world, I'm banking on the consciousness raising power of all things possible and, you might say, praying for critical mass. Because things can seem so scary, doing everything we can, each in our own way, and being aware that there is power in our intentions for making the world a better place to inhabit, seems the logical thing to me.

    Dave, thanks for the mention of Joseph Campbell. I've been meaning to read more of his work. How's summer theatre going?

    Yes summer has begun... and so has strawberry season and the June birthday traditions! Someone who just posted didn't mention theirs, but our daughter in Maryland is hankering for some of those Michigan strawberries. While her birthday is a couple of days after our host, I think it's safe to say they share the strawberry phenomenon. affirmation for this week is a tradition, as well!

    Strawberry Solstice Forever everyone! -- Now if I could just figure how to smuggle some berries and shortcake to Pennsylvania (more on that later) in a couple of weeks for a belated birthday celebraton....Sue

  • At 1:39 PM, June 24, 2008 , Anonymous Nisha said...

    Happy Birthday Chris!!!

    Wishing you a year filled with dreams that come true.

    Lots of Love!

  • At 2:09 PM, June 24, 2008 , Anonymous Alex said...

    Hi dear Chris and forum family!

    Wishing you again a Fantastic Birthday Chris! Thanks as always for making the difference! All best wishes for your life, jobs and projects!

    All things beautiful and possible and a big Hug to you and forum family!

    Alex in Italy

  • At 12:02 AM, June 25, 2008 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    Thanks Sue, Nisha, Alex, Dave, Tim, Jaschenka, Ute, and everyone else who helped me celebrate my 21st birthday...again!

    Have a great year!

    All Things Possible,

  • At 1:12 PM, June 25, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    And just how many times have you celebrated this 21st birthday???


  • At 4:51 PM, June 25, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Celebrating 21 is always fun, no matter how many times you do it! Of course, some of us are so old that we've reached Jack Benny age and are constantly celebrating our 39th birthdays! Not that I have any experience with that - I'm really 39 (hahaha).


  • At 10:04 PM, June 25, 2008 , Blogger Susan said... guys wait. I must be the elder blogger here...and here to tell you age is in your mind. I know 90-year-olds whose hearts are younger than some at 21. So stay 21 or 39 if you want to, that's my motto. Such fun! Stopping in before the topic changes to wish you all a great summer start-up, thanks Chris for the kind words, and glad to see Alex posting and hope all is well over there in Italy! Nisha, "all things dream-able"...Dave and Tim, nice to have some calmer weather for a few days. Ute and Jaschenka hope your vacation dreams are still with you, and Tom hope your job is going great.

    Here's a quote that just came into my inbox: "Look at life, then have the courage to change things by the persistent use of creative visualization and affirmations." -- Phillip Cooper

    Sounds like our fabulous forum folks talking, don't you think? Sue

  • At 1:28 PM, June 27, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I remember my 21st birthday celebration (only a few days ago....not) because it was the only time in my life that I have been falling down drunk. My evil friends, with some help from myslef, got me soooo hammered on peppermint schnopps (sp?) that I could barely function. Not being the largest of humans it didn't take much added to the fact that I had nothing to eat besides popcorn. Dumb butt me even drove myself home...stupid, very stupid. Needless to say I got sick....really sick. I didn't know that beds could spin that fast and that you could vomit that many times. Next day I was fine. No hangover at all. Haven't done that since. I learned my lesson early in life.

    Sue, great quote- creative visualizations and affirmations.


  • At 5:40 PM, June 27, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Tim, enjoyed your tale of 21. Mine was so long least you didn't tease me about being the elder blogger. I remember how I felt at 21...about to graduate from college with promise of wonderful things ahead. That's why I like it here on the forum. Always the reminder (as I wished I'd been influenced by such a hands-on ATP support group back then) to "think" 21 in your heart and follow its guidance...along with a little left-brain logic, but learning to trust my inner self more. Why is that so hard for us sometimes? Has to be, else why the deluge of self-help books, workshops, seminars now...and we never are done working on ourselves, so guess we need all the input we can get to make us live happier and healthier. Including affirmations, which I love to share and love to receive from others. Knowing we're all in the same boat, helps with the rowing!

    It's Chris' All Things Possible that inspired me to create my own affirmation to keep close to my heart and keep me going each day despite any adversity. All Things Beautiful resonates with me, and along with All Things Possible, I've gotten myself through some challenging situations. Affirmations, I've discovered, are powerful. So no turning back now!

    Wishing everyone an ATB/P weekend of fun and maybe some summer movies...Sue

  • At 12:17 AM, June 29, 2008 , Blogger Christopher Showerman said...

    The key is that we all think young. By that I don't mean naive, (well, yeah, that too) but hopeful, optimistic, curious, and passionate. That's what keeps me moving forward!

    Here's a video of the spirit of youth - brought to my attention by my buddie Matt Antrim. This cracks me up EVERY time I see it - only 50 sec long:

    Just saw a fun movie tonight - The Hulk. I think you'll like it.

    All Things Possible!

  • At 2:04 AM, June 29, 2008 , Anonymous Ute said...

    Hi Chris,

    glad to hear you had a fun birthday. I often say my current age is 10 (37 = 3+7 = 10) and I often feel like that and do fun things but, I think, more conciously as you would if you were actually that age.

    Cool, we are going to see Hulk, so good to hear that it is fun!

    If you get around to watching Kieren's movie "Polar Opposites" you might recognise Beth Grant, as I read that she has been in "No Country for Old Men". I saw three clips from the film on the here! website and thought it looked quite good, considering they had a low budget. I loved the line from Charles Shaughnessy's character to the military: "You always break things and then you can't fix them!" I think it's a fun movie!

    Hope all is well with you all and you are enjoying the summer! I work too much at the moment to enjoy the weather very much, but only five more weeks til my vacation! Yeah!!! I'll be going to Canada and Alaska and I am very much looking forward to that!

    Big hugs to you all! Stay Positive and keep your inner child happy!


  • At 12:46 PM, June 29, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Chris, thanks for the Youtube link - cute video.

    You didn't ask, but so far this "blockbuster" season I've pretty much been to the movies each week and enjoyed what I saw. "Iron Man," "Hulk," "Get Smart," "Wall E," "Kung Fu Panda," and I'm looking forward to more as the summer goes on.

    Ute, have a good trip to Alaska, I'm off to Hawaii myself in a couple weeks - not quite "polar opposite" but pretty close! ATP everyone.


  • At 9:15 PM, June 29, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Chris, I did manage to see this clip enough to get the point...cute kids. Not getting to many movies...but glad to hear you and Dave like "Hulk"...I was wondering. And the others mentioned I'll put on our list. Thank heavens for NetFlix.

    Ute, wish I could see Kieren's film. Ha, perhaps one day Kieren and Chris could be in a film together again. How do we see this one?

    Lots of summer adventures. Remember the summer we all sent photos? Ute..Alaska sounds fantastic...keep us posted. Dave, have fun in Hawaii, wow! Pennsylvania sounds routine compared to those trips..well it will be for me, as I plan to be working on my laptop catching up on some writing projects, while everyone else (yeah, I know, I'm the adventure dud) is off to a two-day kayaking school. They (husband, daughter, son-in-law, and son) say I'm not allowed. Now I'd like to hear of all your adventures rolling over on the river rapids. And I think I recall Chris talking about with no boat?

    Refresh our memories. Is that in Big Game? When will we see it?

    Enough questions...Happy Adventuring to All and to All An ATP Summer!...Sue

  • At 5:54 PM, June 30, 2008 , Blogger Susan said...

    Chris, Clint...the new Moviehole site looks great. Easy to havigate.

  • At 8:05 PM, June 30, 2008 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I agree with Sue - the new Moviehole design is very good! See, Sue mentions something and I click right over to see for myself.



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