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Wednesday, August 07, 2013

The amazingly talented Scott McKowen

OK, I have to brag a little bit.  This amazing artist below is my step-brother.  Of course, because we're not officially blood relations, I share absolutely NONE of his artistic gift via genetic osmosis, but I'm still really proud to be able to claim Scott as family. 

Light Revealed | Scratchboard Engravings By Scott McKowen from Powerline Films on Vimeo.

To see more of Scott's work, you can buy his book, A FINE LINE on Amazon (Click Here)

or  visit his actual exhibit at the Gallery Stratford, which will be showing until October 6th.

54 Romeo St. 
South Stratford, Ontario, Canada
N5A 4S9


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  • At 8:59 AM, August 03, 2013 , Blogger SusanGail said...

    Hi everyone,
    OK, well, looks like I'm first to post again :). Thanks, Chris, for the reminder about Scott McKowen art and the Stratford exhibit. I'll check the links and see what I can share on Facebook, as I've tons of artist friends now. (and one day we'll get to Stratford, soon as we get our passports! Enjoyed our Canadian trips in '06 and '07 when they weren't needed. Guess we need a big nudge. Would love to go back to Toronto, see Stratford and on to Quebec and Nova Scotia...another dream to fulfill :)

    Also, why I came to the forum page today is because I realized Tanya and Ufuk have the same birthday. Monday, August sending ATP blessings their way. Big smiles and Cheers!

    Seems like that day is International Friendship Day. I'll have to check ;). Or go back in the forum postings, when it was a topic of discussion once. But here I'll share my gratitude for this page of forum friends.

    And, send us links for your projects again, please...ATP wishes,

  • At 8:11 AM, August 04, 2013 , Blogger Tim said...

    Coming from someone who had a father who was a cartoonist in his early years yet I have a hard time making a stick figure look like a stick figure (you might say the artistic apple fell far from the tree, rolled down the hill, around the corner and into a ditch), this art work is truly amazing. It is awesome to watch an artist make things come to life be it drawing, painting or sculpting. I once sat in on a mortician while he worked on a body. Yet another form of "art" but that should be a story for a different day.

    Happy birthday Tanya and Ufuk. Hope you have a great day. Everyone else too!


  • At 7:17 AM, August 14, 2013 , Blogger SusanGail said...

    Tim...I think art comes in many forms. To me, watching you work with your dogs on your video clips makes me realize what an art that is, to be able to accomplish so much with them. Being able to connect with animals is an art. I think we narrow our vision when we have certain ways of thinking about creativity. I'm with you, though,as I have trouble with stick figures, whereas my husband can paint. We all express our creativity in different ways. But one of these days, I hope I can break out of my stick-figure mode and maybe even try painting mandala art, for example, instead of just writing my reflections about the drawings of others. Mandala art is easy, because it's all contained within a circle. I think you've just inspired me to get started. And, may all our stick figures be bold! And may A T be P for our individual art :) Sue BTW...when is your birthday? :)


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