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Monday, July 24, 2006



Last week my gal and I took a long weekend in Kauai, Hawaii - an area I consider to be one of the most beautiful spots on the planet. Kauai boasts the wettest area on the planet (464 inches of rain per year average!) The day we took this picture, it was raining throughout the 4 mile hike (one way) to the waterfall and it was blowing so hard that you couldn't get within 100 feet of the base of the waterfall without bullets of water barraging your face like buck shot! A truly awesome display of mother nature's power:
On a much more casual excursion, we visited Spouting Horn (below) where the lava has formed a hole for the incoming waves to crash UP through, thus spouting into the sky. There is an accompanying air escape hole that makes a dragon breathing sound with every wave.

I hope you all had equally eventful weekends. With the insufferable heat everywhere this weekend(117 F here), I would highly recommend you all to escape to an air conditioned movie theater and watch Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" (click here to see the trailer). Talk about Mother Nature's Fury! Jaw dropping and eye opening. I hope this helps us all to consider what we can do individually to help preserve this amazing planet and our existence on it.

All Things Possible!

Thursday, July 06, 2006


Thanks for the great energy on the last topic!!

This week has been full of surprises for me. First off, I found the issue of Men's Workout with my article in it on the Newsstands this week (you can just check out the article here under Interviews in Print #6 if you don't want to buy the mag!) And if you do take a look at it, notice the InvertEgo T-Shirt I'm sporting at the top of Page 4! Interestingly enough, although the interview reads fine, I never actually did an interview for it! I usually don't question the accuracy of what I read in print (in most publications) but I won't be so quick to assume that what I read is true from now on. Never the less, it was a really fun photo session and I'm really grateful to my New York Publicist, Chuck Mirarchi for making that possible!

Also, my friend Clint Morris from Moviehole alerted me that I was on a short list for the now back-burnered He-Man! Even if it never happens, what an honor to be considered! (click here for CanMag article.) And imagine my surprise!

And I may have another surprise for you but you'll have to wait until my agent confirms it.
Keep your fingers crossed!!

Now if you'll excuse me, I must get back to celebrating Sylvester Stallone's 60th birthday today (REALLY!) He was one of my early heroes. Not only because he created two of my all time favorite movies - Rocky and First Blood - but more importantly, he pro-actively created huge opportunities for himself and set a great example for the rest of us! Happy B-Day Sly!

So that's what's been going on with me lately. How about you?

All Things Possible!