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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Favorite Quotes

I love when someone says something so succinct and true that it becomes a "Quote" that we can all refer to from time to time.

A couple of my favorites are :
"That which does not kill us makes us strong" -Nietzsche
"GOOD is the ENEMY of GREAT"

Do you have any favorite quotes? What are they and why do you like them?

All Things Possible!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Independance Day


Hope you all had a wonderful June. I just wrapped on the movie Big Game this week. Now the long post process begins. When our work infront of the camera ends, the major part of the work begins with the editing and color correction, the sound, the music, the sound effects and mixing, the visual effects, and the marketing. It is a massive undertaking to produce a movie and I am always in awe of any movie that actually makes it in front of an audience. It's something to remember that even the worst movie you have ever seen took a large team of people and a mountain of passion and drive to complete.

So this week in the states we are celebrating Independance Day (AKA July 4th). If you think about it, gaining independance by definition involves loss. You have to give up the crutches that hold you back from your true potential. In the case of the United States, back in 1776 our courageous forefathers chose to give up the security of their former government to manifest their own destiny and ultimately a whole new nation. Loss is invariably painful, but look at what amazing things have happened in your own life because you had the courage to overcome loss and embrace change.

Wherever you may be, this week is a great week to consider and appreciate your own independance and ability to make your own proactive decisions - weather that be making a movie, or creating a Hard Rock Cafe pin, or gardening, or playing the piano.

So how will you celebrate your independance today?

All Things Possible!