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Monday, February 08, 2010

100 Years of Scouting

Happy 100th Birthday Boy Scouts of America!

Scouting played a huge role in my younger years. It was key in my social development, continued goal oriented drive, and adventure. I assimilated many leadership ideas and had opportunities to apply those methods as a youth along my path to becoming an Eagle Scout. I think that scouting is more valid and necessary than ever in the lives of young people who need great role models while developing their own moral compass.

General Baden-Powell, the father of scouting, began this youth movement in England around 1907. It was brought to the United States on February 8th, 1910 by William Boyce. It's hard to imagine how much influence a few all-things-possible minded individuals have had on the last century of civilization. A few Eagle Scouts that have had an impact on my life direction have been Jimmy Stewart, Steven Spielberg, and our 38th president Gerald Ford - who wrote me a personal congratulatory letter when I joined their ranks back in 1985.

Most of the scouts I know never forget the Scout Law and can't help but be influenced by it.
A scout is:
and Reverent.

Just think if everyone could abide by these simple ideals what our world would be like? Thank-You scouting for helping to forge me into who I am today. Thanks for helping kids today become the leaders and the role models of tomorrow.

All Things Possible,