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Monday, March 27, 2006

Meal Builder

Hey All!!

Thanks so much for your comments last week about your tv favorites and your nice words about my CSI Miami episode.

I want to switch gears a bit here and let you in on what has been going on with me for the past couple of weeks. I am going to be doing a few photo shoots in support of exercize and fitness and so I'm expected to be really lean. We all know how difficult that can be (for most of us, me included!) However, I just found the most helpful tool on the web at none other than my pals at Champion-Nutrition's website. There is a great free download called the Pre-Competetion Meal Builder that helps keep track of calories, macronutrients, and the efficiency of each food. It really makes you think everytime you open your mouth to stick more calories in it. With summer just around the corner and the beach beckoning, you may just want to check it out yourself. Hey, it's never too late in the year to renew your New Year's Resolution!!

You can get the Champion Nutrition mealbuilder at under Downloads, or just click HERE. You need Microsoft Excell to use it.

It really works - I just lost 10 pounds in the last 2 weeks!! Let me know how your progress is going.

All Things Possible!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

CSI Miami

Hey Y'all!!

Thanks for all your emails that came in last week. Hopefully you will be able to post your comments here on the Blog again. I appreciate your patience!

Well, as Ute so astutely discovered, my episode of CSI Miami is going to be airing on March 20th. I just went in to record some additional dialogue for my part yesterday - less than a week away from the air date! My hats off to these post production people who work against such an insane schedule. The show will not even be completed until 3/17 and it airs on 3/20. Amazing! Click here to see the CSI Miami Website.

I don't get in a lot of TV time as I spend all my free time online with y'all, but if I did, what shows would you suggest? What are your MUST-SEE-TV shows?

All Things Possible!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Dana Reeve

Dana Reeve 1961 - 2006

I think we're universally affected by people who have devoted their lives to the betterment of others. Figures like Mother Theresa, Ghandi, Dr. King, Ceaser Chaves, and many other public and personal leaders have inspired us to be more because of how they lived their lives. We go to the movies in part to see stories about them or people with similar qualities and we leave those movies somewhat improved to the degree that we were affected. These people are heroes in the purest form of the word. I mentioned my friend Dalee in December who was one of these such personal heroes who greatly affected how I now live. I revered Christopher Reeve as a great public hero who devoted his latter life to improving the quality of life for handicapped individuals. His wife, Dana, was not quite as public a figure, but just as much a hero in how she supported the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation as well as Christopher Reeve himself while continuing to be a wonderful mother and performer. I have friends who practice Chinese medicine who tell me that each organ in the viscera has a different emotion associated to it. For instance, the liver is associated to anger as the lungs are associated to grief. Even though she never smoked, I wasn't surprised to hear she had lung cancer. I believe that the overwhelming grief manifested as the cancer in her lungs that eventually took her life, which is a testament to the psychosomatic power of our emotions. None-the-less, like her husband, Dana Reeve continues to be an elegant symbol of hope and strength for so many. For more information about Dana or their cause, go to These are people who truly believe and live as if all things are possible.

Because they are.