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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Eagle Eye Focus

My friend Mike spent his career in Hollywood on camera crews making sure every moment of every shot was in focus. This position is called the First AC - often regarded as the most important job on set. Because if the shot is out of focus, it doesn't matter what anyone else does on set - all that work would be for naught. Mike had a very successful career and if you have seen a movie or TV show in the past 30 years, you have most likely seen his work. Last year, Mike finally retired to Northern Idaho were he's spending more of his time behind a still camera. After HOURS of watching and waiting silently in the freezing conditions, he got these truly stunning photos.


Nature photography requires an amazing amount of patience and skill in forecasting where the perfect shot is going to take place. It requires going after something that isn't there yet and trusting that it will be eventually.

WOW! What a shot!!

We can all learn a lot from Mike. Whether you're passions are with nature photography or any other field of interest, Mike shows us that success at any endeavor requires a tremendous amount of focus.

Pun intended. ;-)

All Things Possible,