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Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Well I know many of us are looking forward to the release of the new SUPERMAN movie this Friday. Many who know that I auditioned for that role early on have voiced concerns that I must be emotionally distraught over not getting that role. Well, sure, I wanted that role and was disappointed at the time when I didn't get it, but now I'm really looking forward to seeing what the film makers did with it. If I were to carry all the energy of failure and defeat around from every audition that I didn't book, that would be like Superman toting around a backpack full of kryptonite!! That would be wacky!! But hey, don't we do that to ourselves all the time? Maybe you have different challanges in your life but the metaphor is the same. Do you have any kryptonite in your backpack? What's keeping you from setting it down? How much more energy and joy would you have in your life if you let it go? What's stopping you from being your own SUPERHERO?

All Things Possible!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Hope you're all keeping cool enough this summer! And speaking of the heat, if you haven't yet, I highly recommend seeing the movie "An Inconvenient Truth". I'm sure you'll find it fascinating and enlightening.

Well if you're like me, you are probably quite a do-er. We're always on the go, trying, doing, achieving. This is a wonderful quality that is highly sought after in professional and personal relationships. Bravo to you!! The tough part of that equation is being, and allowing some of that good energy you have created to come back to you. Is your accepting muscle as developed as your giving muscle? Do you find the time to stop and feel that great feeling of gratitude for all the awesome gifts in your life?

Let me start this one.

I'm so grateful for this website created by Kurt Ahrens and the other wonderful people you'll find listed under CREDITS that made this site possible. I'm also crazy grateful for YOU for making this site meaningful to me! Thank you so much for taking the time and interest to share your unique perspective and your essence with this online community!

Have an All Things Possible day!


Friday, June 02, 2006

Mid Year Resolution


Happy June everyone and thanks to all who pitched in a response to the last forum topic!

Do you remember waaaaaay back to January first - when you made a promise to yourself that you would achieve or experience something special this year? Maybe you didn't make an actual "New Year's Resolution", but you must have had hopes and expectations for the new year -right? Well as we go into the sixth month it's high time we take a look at those hopes and dreams.

First off, is the thing you wanted at the beginning of the year still important? If so, have you done anything about it lately? If not, how about today?? Our hopes and dreams are only valuable if they motivate ACTION NOW. Otherwise, they remain phantoms of our imaginary future that remind us of how unfulfilled we are today - in which case we'd be better off without any dreams at all. (Oooooh, harsh - I know!) Our lives tend to fill up with obligations and duties - which is a necessary part of life. But what can you do NOW for YOURSELF to further your own FULFILLMENT!?

All Things Possible!!