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Tuesday, April 07, 2009




Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hey Gang!

Sorry for my radio silence this past month. One of the new things I wanted to share with you all is the new project I'm working on, called "The Land that Time Forgot" directed by my Big Game pal C. Thomas Howell. In this project I had the opportunity to be teamed up with veteran actor Timothy Bottoms who plays my captain. He's a great talent and a really wonderful guy. Howell also stars along with Lindsey McKean, Darren Dalton (also the writer) and veteran actor Patrick Gorman.

On Location at Malibu Creek State Park
(Formerly the home of Ronald Regan)

On Location at Leo Carillo State Beach on the Pacific Ocean.

Any job where I get to play in beautiful landscapes and run away from prehistoric creatures is a winner in my book! Not to mention the cast and crew are fantastic and working their tails off!

Take Care of Each Other!

All Things Possible,