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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

My Favorite Tattoo

I've seen some pretty amazing tattoos in my time. Being a trained massage therapist as well, I have been privy to a great deal of amazing body art- and each work of art has a story behind it. Though I don't have any tattoos myself, I now can say I have a FAVORITE tattoo. My friend Jeanette, an inspiring being by all accounts, recently asked to share in my mantra and I couldn't be more honored. What a beautiful reminder!

Jeanette's Tattoo: All Things Possible

It's easy to forget that the future is not yet written. How many times do we all find ourselves focusing on our fears or anxiety of what is to come. Well those dark scenarios represent only a fraction of the limitless possibilities for what may happen next. By remembering that the next moment is an infinite spectrum of potentialities, we naturally allow our true optimistic nature to invite more hopeful possibilities. And in doing so, we typically choose a better future to aim for. That's empowering! And that optimism and empowerment generates a confidence that doesn't just change where we hope to go in the future - it changes how and who we are in this moment too!

Cool Tattoo, Jeanette!!! Thanks for the reminder!