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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Secret

Here it is! The full 90 min version of The Secret. I know they use materialistic examples in this video, but remember most people are initially motivated by materialism and besides, they are easier goals to portray on video. You can apply these ideas to your relationships, your personal goals, your dreams to improve and change the world around you. You have the power to do anything if you think you can!

Take care of each other.

All Things Possible!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Happy 2007 All!

As the new year has gotten well under way I hope you all find yourselves enjoying a refreshed perspective on your lives. I love celebrating the New Year as it implies change and looking forward in a hopeful anticipation. There are so many things we have learned not to hope for as they are impossible or too extravagant or selfish. Well I'd like to address these concerns below:

What a load of crap.

We have been told so many stories of what we can't do and why, that we have started to repeat these stories to ourselves now, and worse, we start to believe them! The fact is, you can do ANYTHING and many of you are doing just that right now. Personally, I just embarked on a new experience in producing my project "Between The Sand And The Sky". I can't tell you how many people told me it was impossible to do for the money I had to do it with. Well guess what? Luckily I chose rather to believe the old phrase you have probably heard "Be Bold and Mighty Forces Will Come to Your Aid". From everywhere miraculous events have transpired to not only make my project possible, but better than I had ever imagined. The point is, none of these miracles would have happened unless I had forged ahead fully knowing I had no clue of how I was going to make this happen. It's a long way to go yet and we'll need many more miracles to complete the project, but having had a taste of how this universal law works, I am totally confident in it's success. That certianty is what "The Secret" is talking about. I implore you to apply this to your own dreams and move boldly toward your destiny.

Happy New Year!