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Monday, May 19, 2008

Indy is Back

Hey Movie Buffs!

So guess what I got to see this weekend?

I'll give you a hint:

OK, I don't care what you may have read about this movie so far from a bunch of critics who know far too much about movies and the movie-making process to actually enjoy a movie anymore. The truth is I LOVED this movie. It brought me back 25 years ago when as a boy (a VERY young boy) I got sucked into the magic of this globe trotting adventure. Check your mind at the door and just ENJOY this awesome thrill that plays like an amusement park ride. Indy is Back!

All Things Possible,


Thursday, May 01, 2008


Hey All -

Well for those of us north of the Equator, spring has definitely sprung and we're quickly speeding toward summer. And with the higher temperature, that means wearing less clothes - which makes many of us take inventory of what kind of shape we're in.

I'm a huge proponent of exercise year round. I love the gym and my morning workout is not only the thing that gets me out of bed, but the cornerstone of the structure of the rest of my day. And not only does exercise help us to look and feel better about ourselves, it creates more sustainable energy throughout our days.

By now I'm sure we're all aware of the health benefits that exercise offers, but I for one can testify of the mood elevating benefits I reap from a small daily time investment "exercising my demons". I usually get my exercising done at the gym, running outside, or doing simple exercises at the beach or a park. But there are almost unlimited ways to get your heart pumping and your endorphins flowing in such a way that makes you look forward to your workout. I'm constantly looking for new ideas to suggest to folks who ask about working out but loathe the traditional options.

So what do you do (or would like to do, or plan to start doing) to stay fit and full of life?

All Things Possible,