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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reef Pictures

Howdy Y'all!

Thanks for all the great comments that you have all put up. I wish I had more time to get to them all! In response to some of the questions about my latest movie, Big Game. Here is a link to the production company that made it - Reef Pictures. They have all of their projects up but if you go into GALLERY and click on BIG GAME, you'll get to see some great photos from the movie and behind the scenes.

Also, we have a new website up for the western I wrote some of you may recall called Between the Sand and the Sky. You can click here to go to that site and see some of the artwork and photos from the production of the teaser.

Thanks for your support!!

Take care of each other!

All Things Possible!

Sunday, August 05, 2007


My business partner, Clint, and his wife, Tosia, just had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl in Mid-July. They named her Charisma Scarlett. (great name, eh?) And as today is Clint's birthday, I thought I'd share the greatest birthday gift he'll be getting this year.

The biggest gift I have received is that the family has asked me to be the Godfather.
And yes, of course it was an offer I couldn't refuse.
Congratulations Clint and Tosia.
All Things Possible,